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Freedom to Speak out Against Abuse.  The True Anonymous

I Am Sheri Veronica. I enjoy the organic side  of things and I love the outdoors (not in the hot sun though, lol). I love cold climates and enjoy all modes of travel, even hiking and/or walking long distances. 

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Set on the island of Barbados.  Fun in the sun soon turns into tragedy     BUY BOOK

Naked Departure got started because of a super-predatory scheme utilized in Barbados by misogynistic Barbadian men. Unfortunately, I was caught in Mark B.A. Thompson’s net.
Within Mark Thompson’s net, I was raped, brutalized and robbed. The robbery (financial rape) affected my smooth transition back into the United States of America, making it a naked departure.
Had I known the truth, I would not have invested with Mark B.A. Thompson. Had I known the truth, I would not have been terrorized and robbed. 

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