dorma smith arrested

Dorma Smith Hoyos

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DORMA SMITH HOYOS — All I can say is, anyone who believes ONE word that comes out of the mouth of this person, even if it (the person) appears to be sober, is an IDIOT!  Are you so desperate to believe anything ‘white’, no matter if the white is spread out drunk and disoriented in the middle of a Barbadian street?

dorma smith arrested

Smith was the one who said that black people have animal in them.  That you just breed and have many children and the children don’t have fathers and the mothers don’t know who the fathers are of their children.  Smith has called you ‘niggers’ and then it (Smith) comes online and pretends to be your ‘friend’ and asks you to sign some crazy document.

And you probably will sign it.  Fools!  Do you think you can go to Texas and pull that same stunt?  You are all a sad bunch of lies loving people!  Naked Departure

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