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Good Morning Barbados and the World

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — This site will sit dormant until I hear back from concerned Barbadians.  You know what you must do.

If pedophiles and down low men can fight to keep their way of life alive and well, why not you parents of young children?  Where are you when your children continue to be abused?

Naked Departure, at this time and this time only, will apologize to WordPress for posting unauthorized ads and some pornographic materials on its site.  We will endeavor that it will never occur again, as you are a site which totally allows FREEDOM OF SPEECH and much respect is due here.

Naked Departure

20 thoughts on “Good Morning Barbados and the World”

  1. Naked you listen and listen real good.Yuh hearmuh. Me on bended knees pleading and begging yuh not you dare go to ground and rest. Yuh only scratching and scraping the surface man. Only just scraping the surface.


  2. They tried there best to shut you down. Kudos to you for fighting for the truth. The truth hurts even though the evil doers will deny it.


  3. Sheri don’t worry, things would soon be back to normal and let all the haters go to hell..Just do what you have to do ok…Love you…


  4. Naked I need you back on you are doing a fantastic job I must say..dig all the dirt there is to be dug after all what’s in the dark shall come to light.too much is under cover and hiding in the barbados, the robbers rapers,child rapists,black slave masters, unfair thungs dine to innocense workers just a few that makes the mind sick to the stomach.we have been silent for years.


      1. I’m in hope wunna out there who were having withdrawal symptoms put wunna money part wunna mouth is and donate to wunna 21 century bible called ND knowing how lost ya all were now let me see some solidarity I’m sure $.99 per month can’t stop some of wunna from buying weave from the white man for wunna black ass


  5. They never learn, that the internet to large for one person to stop another from getting the Naked truth out about Barbados,


  6. $12 US to break the chains of enslavement? A very good deal in my books. People spend more each week buying cancer causing designer coffees but balk at spending so much less for their FREEDOM. Unbelievable but yet it is happening as I type.


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