Being ugly is not rewarded

Leslie Jones — The truth of the matter

HOLLYWOOD (Naked Departure) — LESLIE JONES — The truth of the matter is yes, racism does exist in America.  But the truth of this matter is, Leslie has stepped into a situation far beyond her control.  You cannot choose your parents and, by unfortunate extension, you cannot determine what you will look like when you are born.

This is the ONLY problem people have with Leslie.  People see Leslie as ugly… — right down to her androgynous name!

Navigating this life is not easy and when you are black, female, tall, masculine looking and ugly…?  Well, the gig is up and you will suffer until you are dead Leslie.

Rihanna-Vogue-UK-April-2016-PhotoPeople just don’t like ugly black women.  You scare them.  Maybe if you changed your name, grew your hair to shoulder length, lost some weight, fix your (bug) eyes, adjust your height, try to look more like Rihanna….  If only you had picked attractive parents!

Leslie, don’t fight the ignorance.  Make your money and buy a house that you enjoy enough not to go out.  Stay away from the humans!  Naked Departure

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