maxiine lashley

Maxine Lashley — Where do broken hearts go?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MAXINE LASHLEY — Killing a man will also kill a part of the people who loved that man.  And where do broken hearts go?  They go to the grave.

THE STORY (via NationNews)  Romario Lashley’s mother was battling cancer but, according to a close family member, it was the recent death of her son which ultimately took her life.  Lashley passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday around 4 p.m., two weeks after burying her son, who was killed by police.  According to the family member who requested anonymity, Maxine’s cancer had been in remission.  However, since the shooting death of her son on July 26, he said Maxine’s cancer had returned.  Romario, 20, had been on the police’s wanted list when he met his death after police executed a search warrant at 4th Avenue, Harts Gap, Christ Church.

Naked Departure

20 thoughts on “Maxine Lashley — Where do broken hearts go?”

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  2. I never in my wilest dreams that she olivette eould cheat on that poor man her husband them was so good y she btrak up they home for just for a ride o no olivette u let me down big time syupppppppppppp


  3. I no she did messing round on the poor man head with some body when i look at her i see a different person lately dressing up tights and she alwsys laughting at every man that past by the shop but what lil the jusband no is thats in her blood leopard cant change it skin she did alwsys like messing round no surprise


  4. Nooooooo i ask she a time back what happen between the two and she say nothing but i could of see the tention between them but not knowing it eas a outside man .im been shock because the wife love her husband boy o noy


  5. I no something was going on I look at the two of them & i no something wads wrong because she aleays look cheerful but he aleays looking sad


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