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So your Minister, Inniss, lied? To protect Maloney?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DONVILLE INNISS, NO PERMIT? — So, when Donville Inniss said the Hyatt project was properly permitted and opened his mouth calling people who said differently liars, so, in essence, he was lying?  He was trying to protect his white master, Mark Maloney?  So, there is no permit?  So, if there is no permit, what was that photo opportunity we all saw with Maloney signing documents for the construction of the Hyatt in downtown Barbados?  And why has Mark Cummins not come out to clear up this matter?  So, if there’s no permit and no environmental assessments/reports, and no nothing in all reality, what was that photo op all about?  Fooling Bajans again?

THE STORY (via Barbados Today):  The situation regarding the multi-million dollar Hyatt Centric Resort on Bay Street, St Michael got more curious today as Barbados TODAY investigations cast doubt over whether the 15-storey property had received planning permission.

Barbados TODAY examined the physical official state register in the Town and Country Planning Development Office, and it revealed that a final decision had not been taken on an application for permission to build the hotel.

Furthermore, an official of the Town Planning office said that as far as he could see from additional data, no permission had been granted for the construction of the hotel, pointing out that the application was still being processed and awaiting information from an international agency.

He did not name the agency or specify why such information was required.

The state register, the official record for physical developments in Barbados, revealed that the application was submitted by Vision Development Inc of developer Mark Maloney on March 30, 2015 in care of Edghill Consulting Inc, Port St Charles, Heywoods, St Peter.

However, nothing was there to suggest that the project had been approved.

Minister of International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss had told Parliament during the debate of the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals on Friday, that Opposition Member of Parliament for The City Colonel Jeffrey Bostic was not telling the truth when he said the hotel had not been given planning approval, claiming such “mistruths” were scaring away potential investors.

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“I heard the Honourable Member for The City get up and say today that the Hyatt project did not have Town Planning permission . . . and Madame Deputy Speaker if we on the Government side do not stop these mistruths in their tracks . . . they go out there, and not only domestic investors, but regional and international investors ask: what kind of society are we running in Barbados?” Inniss said then.

He suggested that it would not have made sense for an announcement to be made about the construction of the hotel without first applying for permission. The minister said he had been furnished with the facts, while emphasizing that the Opposition members were lying. Inniss revealed that the hotel developers had applied for permission and it was approved with conditions. “I believe they have appealed some of the conditions and that matter is also being addressed at the highest level,” he said. So sure that the project had been given the “green light’, the Minister also announced in Parliament that it should start in six weeks time with 500 Barbadians finding jobs during construction.

Meanwhile, attorney at law and social activist David Comissiong has threatened legal action against the construction of the proposed hotel, if the project was not subjected to a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment. Comissiong has made clear his opposition to the project, which was announced last month, saying it would have implications for the environmental well-being of the city of Bridgetown and its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In a statement issued over the weekend, he noted claims made by Inniss that the Chief Town Planner had already dealt with, and approved with conditions, construction of the controversial hotel, were false.

Inniss had told the House that an environmental impact assessment (EIA), a heritage impact assessment, a traffic study, a geotechnical survey, a marine survey and a geophysaical survey had been carried out.

Comissiong contended that the people of Barbados were never given public notice of, or invited to participate in any EIA pertaining to the proposed 15-storey structure.

He argued that a “legitimate” EIA “could not be carried out in secret – unknown to the Barbadian public– and without the participation and input of the people of Barbados, particularly the participation and input of the people who reside in the communities closest to and most affected by the proposed hotel”.

Comissiong also highlighted implications for Bridgetown and the environment if the project went ahead.

Hyatt Corporation announced on July 27 that one of its affiliates had signed a management agreement with Vision Developments Inc for the construction of the 237-room resort on the outskirts of central Bridgetown.

6 thoughts on “So your Minister, Inniss, lied? To protect Maloney?”

  1. Although he does not have a hands-on relationship with his news, It is amazing that Peter Harris has allowed his Barbados Today to do a write-up on the Hyatt debackle. They must have snuck that one in without him knowing since this involves Mark Maloney who (so to speak) are in bed together.

    Donville, Sinckler, Michael, Lowe and that cadre will continue lying to Parliament and the people of Barbados with impunity and will be protected or advised to get Lawyers by Froon whom they are leading and who is incapable of censoring them as any Honorable PM should be doing.

    Is Mark Cummins allowed to clarify anything at all in the news media to Bajans Re. this lie filled proposed monstrosity and let the country know who is lying or if the PM has signed off and approved this project in the customary secret deals and money passing? Mr Cummins, we Bajans are of the opinion that you might be the only one who has any semblance of integrity and honesty left among the wolves and sharks who can put this nasty situation to rest decisively.

    Mark Maloney has been flaunting the directives of your department for much too long and you can’t seem to get the Law Courts (take note that the DPP and AG are in the hands of all those crooks and you will have to go it alone) to help you just like it is done with local folks who at the stroke of a pen will have their illegal structures demolished and carted away. We demand to know the true score one way or the other. We can’t expect to get that from liars and fraudsters, so you will have to speak up and tell us the truth. Froon just might thank you since he can’t buck his Ministers.


  2. you all aint see how dem look? the lies, corruption etc. get dem bendup, twisted, out of joints, all dem look like in the late 80s bunch ah rotten stinking ugly, cancerous, crooked misfits


  3. THE WORLD BANK has come under heavy criticism from Minister of International Business Donville Inniss for its recent report on Doing Business in Barbados. He described the report as “erroneous”, and vowed to challenge it by outlining its errors and providing evidence to the contrary.- A Liar calling a liar, a liar. as Mr, Inniss remarks about Hyatt was also erroneous, who can we trust now.


  4. Hasn’t Inniss gotten accustomed to putting his two feet in his mouth and can’t care less? The mistake has been defending Maloney and any crooked fraudster who can shell out money, and the Hyatt and Maloney has money to spare.


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