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Bajan woman leaves dead husband at table all day long

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GEORGE and ESTERRINE BLENMAN — Naked, I live in St Christopher Christ Church.  It’s with sadness in my heart that some of us could be so wicked devious and vindictive.

Esterrine Blenman, my neighbor, I know she is not going to speak to me after today but that will not bother me.  Her husband was a sick man he had to come out home from work cause he couldn’t manage the job a few mouths and he got a very handsome payout as he was security at Trident House for many years.

Naked, that man dead in de house sitting at de table and Esterrine sit at de table and eat she food like normal with her husband dead.  I ask she why she don’t call de police ya suppose to call de police in cases like these.  She say not she “he gun stan day”.  That man da dead from morning and all night she doesn’t call no body fa de man saying “let de women he got bury he”.  I get vex cause that man raise she two sons and he work hard fa her.  Lately he started getting down and she use to curse he stink but he would still buy de goods and pay de bills.

Ya isn’t know that some woman come and had to call de dead van come fa that man after eleven de night and de man da start to swell up and de had to break he back to put he in.  Lord have mercy ya would of think he did a stranger to she.  Anyhow she say she is not burying he this is three weeks and I looking in de papers and listening to de radio to see if I will hear Pearson would call he name and nothing.

I take it on ma self to ask she and I address she as “Mrs. Bleman I don’t hear de death announcement” she ask me wa I asking she.  I walk and went back to ma yard.  Ya wa think that somebody that married someone could do this to them?  I live fa nuff nuff years and never never see nothing so.  Um hurt ma heart.  I more sure he got children and she didn’t use to let them come at she and int let them know the father dead.

De government must done put he in a hole.  What a heartless person.  I wonder if she got amnesia cause I remember ya would of think she had de last husband and de neighbors use to call she ester-ring and not Esterrine she use to wear she left hand under her chin.

Anyhow, I hope ya enjoy de survivor benefit.  Some men don’t know a good woman but does walk and pick up smut.  THE FUNERAL OF THE LATE GEORGE BLENMAN who pass away at home on August 9th sometime in the early morning complaining all night for pain to a heartless unresponsive wife who would be collecting his pension.  GEORGE BLENMAN he was a GOOD husband of ESTERRINE BLENMAN better known as ESTER RING, father of many, probably grand father of many, brother of someone, stepfather of two he send school and feed, friend of many and very good neighbor, work at trident house as security, many would remember George as friendly and mannerly nature.

And it’s with these sad words that his wife did not give her husband a decent burial.  George salong my friend until we meet again.  Friends sing a song in ya heart for MR BLENMAN.  When peace like a river.  Estering is it well with your soul?   Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic, Potters’ Grave)

NB: Because Barbados is a third-world country that does not allow freedom of speech and freedom of information, Naked Departure is the vehicle where Barbadians, for the most part, can air their grievances and blog anonymously. Although Naked Departure asks for truth in reporting, ALL information is iterated and posted as alleged from Barbadian/Bajan/Bloggers. NAKED DEPARTURE IS ALSO PART OF AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION OF THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD TITLES OF NOBILITY.

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16 thoughts on “Bajan woman leaves dead husband at table all day long”

  1. The b could not show her face at the funeral, his daughter had to bury him yesterday October 13,2016 and he dead since Aug 9, 2016, imagine he raised her children, she is going to suffer trust me.


  2. I would Charge the Wife with the Man’s death, Can anyone be so heartless, after all he is dead have a heart Lady ,the same you going to used to collect his Pension.


  3. There want to mess a bout and the there get sick the women do not want them when get sick there send them back to the wife to take care of them woman of my heart but I wold have the van for fast get him out of my place now no woman will com to take his body see he has a funeral there is a lot more like his ass


    1. That was not her house, and I worked and also live in the neighbor hood, hevwss a pleasant man, was very friendly but not a player,


  4. I know the story that man is an old man and what he got must have been dead years decades and ester ring has a man on that man fah years,


  5. Yup that’s just sick but Shorty and Sheila forde I agree wid wunna and Sheila couldn’t you say having sex wunna bajan like some fooping hear


  6. The dead man was fooping the woman that write that story. So he wife want she, the neighbor in everybody business, who was fooping she husband, to bury the man. That is my tek on it.


  7. Now you was there knowing the man dead! Why you couldn’t call the meat van for the man too? Why somebody else had to come late hours in the night to call? #stupess

    All these good things you had to say about him but couldn’t call the ambulance! Look bye do

    May his soul rest In peace!


  8. Listen there has to be more to this story than what the writer says she painted that man as a saint and we know better when it comes to bajan men also I don’t believe she and that lady is as close as she wants us to believe. .That man was probably a womanizer from the get go but somehow she managed to get the ring in the hope he would change his wutless ways which he never did that’s why she said she wants one of his women to come bury him this is what I believe


  9. What I don’t know what to say… All I could tell de men is stop horning Winna women hear ..hell hath no fury…


  10. There are some very cruel ungrateful women.
    This man raised two children belonged to another man with this woman and this is what he got. Typical i will tell any man not to raise another man children with the sick women.


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