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Angry Black Man

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NINETY-NINE PERCENT of Black Men in Barbados are brain dead, from the so-called educated to the so-called non educated.

What species on earth would stop at nothing to destroy themselves for the sake of sexual gratification or sexual enjoyment?  The Black man is nothing more than a praying mantis.  It’s said during sexual intimacy the female praying mantis would kill the male during or after mating.

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This brings me to the average Bajan man, whom for some reason can’t see pass his male reproductive organ.  What’s happening in Barbados is genocide and he just can’t see what’s going on.  His mind can’t even fathom the concept due to the lack of consciousness he doesn’t seem to possess.  He’s basically killing him own self and who else can he blame for this.

STD’s and STI’s are at an all time high but like the praying mantis he is, he ignores death and sickness just to peruse his 5 minutes of fame.  He’s not logical and directs all his energy into achieving a nut.

He buys cars, clothes, homes, food and pay bills just to achieve a nut.  The woman or man could be anyone even a gutter rat he will still peruse just to acquire that nut.  He commits incest, rape, prostitutes, lies, steal, beat & bull just to achieve a nut.

When our sons and daughters look back at our history, they definitely will be ashamed to see how a nut destroyed 99 percent of the males of this country.

The bajan man is a mad man who is stuck in the illusion of sexual gratification that he cares not or sees nothing wrong with the current position he now holds in the earth.

When will these weak Simps wake up for the sake of their own nation.  Angry black man

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  1. Nufflov : this post is so true I’m just going to be one hundred percent on it now I’m African-American woman living here in United States are grew up in the original Black Panther Party my mother was one of the original I’m saying this to let you know where my mental is coming from . I’m very militant I didn’t grow up in the white man’s Church no religion in my mother house guns and ammunition bottom line books homeschool until.. I went away to high school very militant !!on Pro black everything if it ain’t black is whack never dated outside my race I don’t believe in mixing another that .I don’t like white people just keeping it real and 100 I don’t deal with them other than if I have to work for them if I have to do business with them other than that anything personal I don’t deal with them.I say this for a reason I’ll get to that. I am only child no brothers and sisters but I have a big family a lot of cousins aunts so let me get to it all my life I have dated I didn’t and I have never date an African Americans man. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against my brother’s I love all of my black men all over the world but it was just something about African American men not all of them but the majority of that I just did not like and I could not I can’t connect with them just my preference for a couple of reasons and I’m going to say I’m beyond it I recently met a brother from from Barbados I knew brother’s going up in high school from Barbados something just wasn’t right with them since I’ve been listening to you while reading you all and I understand it now I just like met someone a couple of months ago just by talking and I could use the fact that everything in your post about them is so damn true Everything this brother could not swim to me because I’m up on game icon from game so you can hustle me I’m 51 years old so I know they all game and new game can be helpful but everything you said in this post is so true about them not just from your Island but from other Islands but particularly from this island. Also I asked him was he a buller I hope I’m pronouncing it right I clearly asked this man this question and you all know what he did he got quiet now see I took a lot of shit up in college before I got my degree because I wanted to be a psychologist one thing I’ve learned when you ask a person a straight straight question and they have to hesitate either they’re going to lie or they not going to tell you the truth so he told me know so then I said have you ever been raped and he told me he was on his he told me he was molested when he was young but he’s never stuck his dick in a man he was thrown back because he said no but he said he had friends there so anyway I just wanted to say that is correct from my point I’m not going to say every person from Barbados but I’m not going to say it’s not just my experience I’m happy you are back on.


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