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Lorenzo Hinds aka Massy of Mt View, St. Lucy

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked, my name is Lorenzo Hinds aka Massy.  I live in Mt. View St. Lucy. This is my story of what is happening to me and my 8 yr old daughter.

Each and every night my house is showered with what seems to be mercury/quicksilver.  Blue red and mostly silver particles like confetti but finer.  I often feel a burning sensation and itching of my skin.  The burning feels like when you come in contact with hot pepper.  I believe this is done by drones as there is a hive of activity over and around my house.  Every night evidence shows these particles coming from above.  I wiped some off my gate.  My floor is full of these same fine crystals.  I tried mopping and sweeping but they do not move they seem fused to the floor.  When also trying to pick some up they disintegrate.  Sometimes something is dropped on my roof some sort of liquid but I know it is not rain.  I even noticed a sticky-like substance on the floor when I clean it with tissue the area appears like when you clean something with acid. When I go outdoors in my yard after dark my hat always has on these crystals when I check it.  My neighbours and myself are in the same catchment area once release the wind controls it whether it is liquid or solid.

My daughter and I may die first but you my neighbours you can fool yourself MERCURY/quicksilver IS BEING DISTRIBUTED in our area it is very dangerous.  The monster that wunna assist to isolate my daughter and myself will eventually eat wunna too.  People that ain’t got nothing do not count so if you are aware of what is happening around you they do not care about wunna neither we are all bait at different levels give it some thought.

Thank you Naked.  God is great!  Massy

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  1. Ann yah soon gun can’t get up or pee. I know Ren Ren fa years I know something is wrong. I saw videos of mini drones in de man yard flying all bout I saw mini drones flying in he gallery even hitting he door and window I saw minidrones flying bout over his house dumping something. The mini drones in he yard lined up like a runway wid lights Someone said police went by he house but I dun know they like they aint doing notting cause their hands tied with green rope. BELIEVE YOU ME SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL DE MAN AND HE DAUGHTER. Wunna see de videos on facebook. I hope Police investigate. People who live in that area soon going get burning and itching of their skin. ya skin going peel too. YA MEAN a big hard back man aint know when he skin burning??? DE drones want tekking down fullstop!!!! wunna go to sleep too early. Checkout de videos on facebook!!!


  2. why don’t you move out or take a sample of the substance to the lab and have it tested. Call the M.O.H and see what they say.


  3. Bajans are stupid. This is not a joke. I work at a hotel and there is a team of people staying with us who were hired by our government. These people have loads of equipment which is being stored in one of our rooms (they refused to have the equipment stored in the general storage) They leave very early in the morning and return around mid day and their attire is very strange. They dress almost like astronauts. Last year we had a similar team and they claimed that they were testing particles blowing in from Africa. Barbadians are ignorant and stupid.


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