Christopher Robinson

Christopher Robinson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON — Naked, I had a very, very disgusting ordeal of over 10 years with a psychopath in Barbados.  His name is Christopher Robinson whom I know you have had some FB discussions.  He is a racist who bully’s women, children and has a reputation for guns, dogs and violence.  Being of plantocratic linage he comes by it honestly however I lost much of my life to him including funds, job and self worth.

Chris feels he is above the law.  He pays no taxes, cultivates and sells illegal substances (marijuana?) steals from the government and threatens anyone who tries to have him be accountable for his actions.  Sadly, I believed his lies for many years and when I confronted him with the evidence of the truth he denied it of course.

For many years I brought groups of people on retreat to Barbados and when I tried doing that this year Chris threatened to harm me, my family and to sabotage my group.  He threatened to expose pictures he had taken of me when we first got together which of course was illegal and highly unethical.  He is a sexual predator that uses the internet to lure young women into his dark, twisted, disgusting cave.  He paraded around with Petra Roach for a while which was completely humiliating and as a result I left Barbados, I left my life, my friends, my work, my life to escape his ridicule. I tell you this because he is likely still up to the same tricks…apparently a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

And I’ve lost so much there is nothing left to lose by telling you and perhaps saving someone else from the same fate.  Stay far, far away from his trap.  Lynn McGowan

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Christopher Robinson”

  1. This story is true ,he is very racist ,he say black people are the lowest form of animals and should be tied out like sheep.police is frightened for him.


  2. Had a coffee with Lyn the stories she told about this freak. He is known to the police for other issues. He is very nervous now a days. Why Chris ? I heard you in big trouble ….
    He sleeps with a gun and black dogs near. You can find him on morning by Barclays Park east coast in white van.
    Sleep well Christopher Robinson.


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