Dorma Smith: Someone stole this photo from my private phone!

Dorma Marie Smith: I was raped in Barbados, then mocked

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DORMA M. SMITH (HOYOS) — Naked, Dorma believes that the most violent people are black people.  Her reasoning is: “animal is in your DNA.  Gangs and black-on-black crime is the normal and it is scary to go into black neighborhoods.  You never know if you will be shot, murdered, stabbed, raped or killed.”

She says: In Barbados, even the women are violent and have kids with like 10 different men and the children never know their dads.  Black women are on crack.  In Barbados, most hospitals have WHITE and/or INDIAN doctors.

Dorma states that she is only in Barbados because “I have a son here.”  She is not a deportee from the USA, “lordie, you stupid cunt, I am a (USA) citizen.  Are you that motherfucking dumb”?

“Most prisons are filled with nasty niggers, not blacks, but nasty niggers who murder and rape.  I was raped in Barbados and people have made fun of my rape when I told of my rape.  I was coerced into telling my story.  Someone that I never knew, never been on her Facebook page, stole my story.  Now I am mocked by this enemy and stalker.”


To whoever is saying Dorma is poor white, “I am not poor white.  I have an I-phone and I have invested in stocks and bonds.  I am getting married soon to a millionaire in Palm Beach, Florida (2014)!  I own a home in the USA.  So fuck off poor ass nasty negro you smell bad.  Most white men in America do not date or marry nasty black crack whores.  It is frowned upon and a white man would not be seen with them.”

Dorma has admitted that she is an alcoholic (she’s been seen in the streets drunk and spread out on the ground) and she has been incarcerated in the United States and at the Black Rock psychiatric hospital in Barbados.  When released from Black Rock, Barbados police escorted her to the airport and off the island.  “I was the only white woman in there and they sprayed water on me to bathe me.  I have bad memories, only bad memories of my time in Barbados.  If I am drunk and fall and sometimes hurt myself, it is because I am an alcoholic and I try to drown out my sorrows by drinking.  My ex husband, Tony Hoyos, hates me and wants me to kill myself.  He said it many times.”

dorma smith arrested

Because she was escorted off the island of Barbados, she had to wait over a year before she could return to see her son.  When questioned about her son visiting her in the USA she said his father, Tony Hoyos, would never permit it.

But, back to black people.  Dorma insists that blacks are nasty as ever, poor, trashy, illiterate robbers, cons, rapists, THUGS, beggars, nasty, nasty, nasty.  “Imagine, I was raped in Barbados and then got mocked!?!”    Compiled from Facebook posts (and some phone chats) made by Dorma Marie Smith (Hoyos).

Lately, however, Dorma has another problem.  She distributed her naked photos over the internet to many men belonging to a tribe named ‘The Igbo’s’ aka Barbadians.  These nude photos have since populated the internet and Dorma is very, very surprised.  How could these total strangers do that to her!?  Now she considers herself a victim of ‘revenge porn’ after SHE HERSELF sent her nude photos, via the internet, to men she’d met in Barbados and all of these men have denied having had any relationship, casual or otherwise, with Dorma.  In essence, she sent nude photos over the internet to men she really didn’t know.  Once you press that ‘send’ button, the photos are no longer yours Dorma.

We are certain that Tony Hoyos is happy that Dorma has moved on from him and is, unsuccessfully, trying to torment her new, victimless victim!  Naked Departure

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  1. Pure white trash I hope you get b to with a chief African c oh sorry you would only come back to him faster I hate her boy


  2. What I don’t understand us she says all negative stuff about Bardabos but yet she live/visit etc If I was treated that bad I’m am hoping first plane out and not looking back ,there are ways and meant of having her son visit her in the USA
    And please don’t talk about white men not saying or marrying a black woman guess you haven’t seen all the interracial marriages .
    Wow shame on you


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