Stephanie Chase

Stephanie Chase

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, you see what I told wanna bout Stephanie FRAUDULENT Chase and Bazoodee magazine.  Stephanie is a thief a criminal a liar nothing good she a good old school SCAMMER.

Maybe instead of wishing death on COCO TIFFANY CARTIER wish death on YOUR FRAUD WAYS, wish de casket will b sealed on your SCAMS, wish d embalming processing on your lies would b concluded quickly.

I COCO GOING seal u coffin Stephanie Chase who gas u up to trouble me ya porch monkey golliwog can’t find a parrow to do u no matter d price,  just saw ninja man ask he what u think of she and poor ninja ask me if that is one of we drag queen sisters.

U look so run down like u seen a famine n war times.  U a dramatic HO.  But u know queen diva like Coco.. Imma give u life with no parole just for troubling me..

You slogan #dreamchasers should be permanently changed to #dreamcopier or #dreamTHIEF.  U Stephanie is theifing triffling tucky terrible tenacious tragic tumultuous tricky tyrant YA WANT SAIN TO BLOG STEPHANIE CHASE BLOG THAT.  Coco Tiffany Cartier

Naked Departure

NB: Because Barbados is a third-world country that does not allow freedom of speech and freedom of information, Naked Departure is the vehicle where Barbadians, for the most part, can air their grievances and blog anonymously. Although Naked Departure asks for truth in reporting, ALL information is iterated and posted as alleged from Barbadian/Bajan/Bloggers. NAKED DEPARTURE IS ALSO PART OF AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION OF THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD TITLES OF NOBILITY.

No Statute of Limitations on the TRUTH. Sexual abuse is self abuse! Being DOCILE is a crime; it’s worse than being called a nigger; it’s an insult to the entire human experience!

BRIDGETOWN: During the time of slavery in Bridgetown, Barbados, it was the custom to torture a slave or slaves if there was a runaway. Most of the times a pregnant woman was chosen. She would be hung and then the unborn child would be ripped from her womb then crushed by the boots of the white man. All this was done in front of the other slaves to cause fear (NOW DOCILITY) and prevent more runaways (NOW LABOURERS). Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is real in Barbados. Naked Departure
Therefore, do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

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