Kiba, the Guyanese

Kiba from Guyana

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked, this woman Kiba, she has been cheating around with my husband and I found out about them.  She is a Guyanese and is married here in Barbados.  He is from the states.  I just want to warm women out there of her seducing married men and taking money from them to send back to Guyana to her family.  I am hurt about this cause she has been sleeping with my husband without protection and then going back to her Bajan husband.  I even found out that she and my husband traveled to Guyana together.  The picture with her sitting on the the phone was taken at the airport when they were leaving.

I have a child from him and now because of this Guyanese here in Barbados who is sleeping around with married men for money it has our entire home in a mess.  I am posting this to let the women and men out here know what this little 28-year-old whore who in church every Sunday that she is no use.


She also gave him an std called trichinosis which is spread from sleeping with multiple men.  I saw in his phone how he does bull her and she loves anal and swallow all his sperm.  The best Guyanese is a dead Guyanese.  She will now feel how many happy homes she have messed up when her husband sees this because he’s a Bajan and he needs to know his Guyanese wife goes out driving at nights to bull suck and drink married men dick for a 100$ cause in the text messages he said he give her a 100$ for heads and tails.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

NB: Because Barbados is a third-world country that does not allow freedom of speech and freedom of information, Naked Departure is the vehicle where Barbadians, for the most part, can air their grievances and blog anonymously. Although Naked Departure asks for truth in reporting, ALL information is iterated and posted as alleged from Barbadian/Bajan/Bloggers. NAKED DEPARTURE IS ALSO PART OF AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION OF THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD TITLES OF NOBILITY.

No Statute of Limitations on the TRUTH. Sexual abuse is self abuse! Being DOCILE is a crime; it’s worse than being called a nigger; it’s an insult to the entire human experience!

BRIDGETOWN: During the time of slavery in Bridgetown, Barbados, it was the custom to torture a slave or slaves if there was a runaway. Most of the times a pregnant woman was chosen. She would be hung and then the unborn child would be ripped from her womb then crushed by the boots of the white man. All this was done in front of the other slaves to cause fear (NOW DOCILITY) and prevent more runaways (NOW LABOURERS). Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is real in Barbados. Naked Departure
Therefore, do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

13 thoughts on “Kiba from Guyana”

  1. ” only good Guyanese is a dead Guyanese ” y’all nasty Bajans



  2. Ain no coming back for your husband girl if he went to her hometown with her…he already in a pelau. ..
    check your health n get a lawyer n move forward before it gets worst.


  3. 2688295 that’s her number cuz I know her to has no good reputation and its a group of them does be in basters road smfh….


    1. Yes its a group all of dem is d same set of ho’s, cousins,friends etc eating each other and proud of it when dey tired sleep with each other dey does f around with d Greeves Land Crew fellas dem too are another set of no good players dat soon need exposing ladies better be aware …the STD probably circuling in dat crew too


  4. I guess u really have something against guyanese! Baby girl it could have been any body ur husband b sleeping with and u should b ashame to know ur husband fine the time and money to go till to Guyana with her that means she have a place in his life, so where that leaves u?


    1. U make it sound like it’s right to sleep with someone’s husband or wife by asking where dat leaves d wife ..don’t think she was targeting Guyanese it just this woman is from there I believe she should of also place a pic of her husband as well but she didn’t so guess she is keeping him smh ….this woman do have a reputation of sleeping around with women also it’s a group of dem …..she can also be found down Greaves Land by her man just In case d husband looking or start investigating


  5. The guyanese girl that is sleeping around it takes teo to make an agreement do your husband is as equally guilty as the girl snd ad for the church thing you must acknowledge thr lord in all your wrong doings and everything you do in life


  6. CRAZY WIFE! You Still want this Std ,Husband why you are Cursing him also,,or giving him some good arsenic!.for his breakfast!.


  7. I sorry you didn’t put her phone number cause I would call her and give her a piece of my money … oops I meant to say a piece of my mind.


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