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Cancer Causing Chemicals at TT Electronic

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Cancer Causing Chemicals at TT Electronic in Newton Industrial Park– Naked, too many people who worked or are still working at TT Electronic in Newton Industrial Park are dying from cancer.  It cannot be sheer coincidence that so many workers from this factory are consistently being diagnosed and dying from cancer.  The Ministry of Health needs to take a very serious look into the Chemicals that are being used at TT Electronic in newton Industrial Park.

One former worker said that some of the chemicals are so strong that you have to suit up like an astronaut before handling.  Also that the fumes from these chemicals are so strong that they killed your sense of smell during the day.  Why should this be allowed?  Workers are scared now that they realize that lots of their co-workers are getting cancer but are also afraid to speak out because they do not want to lose their little job.  That is understandable since jobs are hard to come by ..but they prefer to keep the damned job that is killing them all instead of walking out.

Something needs to be done..the Ministry of health needs to investigate.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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6 thoughts on “Cancer Causing Chemicals at TT Electronic”

  1. True a lot of cancer deaths ..latest was Casper Phillips from Parish Land Ch.Ch…even if you are not employed there anymore it was already digested into the system….check out the cement mixture that is imported from overseas to fill the resistors…


  2. It’s so sad with what people have to put up with just to keep a job and earn a honest dollar ….Lenstec is another place that want investigating as well


  3. Let tell you this not only people from this place is dying from cancer it all around us .cancer deaths is to high for a small country.somthing is not right , but the powers that be don’t care ,as long they can take over seas Doctor visit and get medication from out side ,to hell with me and you ,we put people in place to run our country and what they helping them self to get rich and a quick pension,pensioners suffering give a small section of pensioners a little two cents does not mean nothing people out here with disabilities can’t work or do most things for the self living on a sty pin, people sick cause they can’t eat properly.people are dying every day from cancer .look in the cancer clinic at the hospital any given day ,they tant the doors so you wouldn’t see the many patients it’s a cover up .they wiping us out .i know I sound crazy but it’s logical ,we are a bunch of stupid people Barbados is been sold out .we have money hungry leaders don’t have the country or its people at heart.


  4. This sounds very serious and I truly believe something must be done about this, but don’t expect no time soon that the Ministry of health will investigate this for those unfortunate people. Good luck to them and they should protect their own health and well being.


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