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Gregory Busby Blamed it on the Jamaicans!!

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — GREGORY BUSBY — A man who fondled the wife of a Chicago police officer outside a McDonald’s restaurant told the court he was taking part “in a game they play in Jamaica.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Gregory Busby, who is described in a court testimony as an Illinois native, not a Jamaican, says he was only trying to get the woman’s attention.

According to the Assistant State Attorney, Holly Grosshans, the police officer had gone into the restaurant while his wife and pre-teen daughter were waiting outside the restaurant, when the incident occurred.

As the mother and daughter pair waited, Busby approached and grabbed the woman’s groin.

“He squeezed extremely hard for several seconds,” said Grosshans.

The woman’s screams alerted a passer-by, who is said to have scared Busby off.

The woman then went into the restaurant to get her husband; thereafter a chase ensued.

During the chase, Busby is said to have pulled a “box cutter”, but dropped it as he attempted to escape from the officers.

Busby was eventually arrested.

Busby, who has prior convictions for aggravated battery in a public place and battery, was charged with criminal sexual abuse.  (Source: LoopJamaica)

Naked Departure

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  1. YA ! Assaulting ! Women ! And Calling It Game’s ! Ya Play it in the Correct Country ! Prepare for a Big Play Pen !Where you Can extend your Game’s for 8 Year’s ! In Barbados you would be given a Kiss by the Magistrate and the Government !for that behavior ! If you had a $ 5 bag of Weed ! You would go Prison ,but not for the above Crime ,that’s Laughable in Barbados !.Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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