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Polyclinic Orderly Closing Doors Early

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I went to the polyclinics cause my little boy had a asthma attack.  De polyclinics is to shut at nine at night and them does got de doors shut so ya could turn back.  Only when I get down by de bus stop down de road that a woman come and tell me it open she now come from there.  I went back.  I had to beg them to open de door so my little boy could get nebbalize.  My child could be dead cause he real bad, he had to be hospitalized.

Da stink mouth orderly up there talking a lot a shite bout we does got de children home and does wait until nigh to come to bring them a polyclinics like he know something bout me.  And if he had de door he didn’t gun open um fa me.  But if eny time I take my child to that polyclinics and he was to not let me see de doctor I will lick he up.  Them don’t want to work.  De nurse did running down de nebs, before one done she had de next one on and she had de air turn up to all.

I feel that is why my child sick.  Them does be hustling ya out de polyclinics to get home.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. This story is true I was there that evening this is oistins polyclinics and the sister was angry cause some body open the door for this young lady and little boy was fighting to breathing he was very bad .The sister said to the orderly,”don’t and I mean don’t let another asthmatic come in here I have to go home” I could not understand It was five o’clock and no only three people was in the clinic.and that orderly he is disgusting he does be pointing people who go AIDS and STDS .that clinic need to be cleaning up .That mail nurse he is a PIG he treat patients like animals,nurses on the above side of the clinic need training .I thank God for naked departure it’s the voices of the people .so let us pay to keep it alive.POWER TO THE PEOPLE.



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  3. Anytime anything happen to your child f them up… People does go jail for less… Nahhhh don’t worry just pay somebody because your child will need you


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