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Trying to sell a house that’s not yours?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JERRY NURSE, why did you not name the culprits?!?

Barbados Today 31 August 2016.   After an epic 28 years battle getting Barbados Supreme Court 17 June 2016 to finally ORDER this my rightful inherited property into my possession following 28 days Notification Period for the illegal occupants to vacate the property, more folly has occurred whereas a For Sale Sign was recently erected on the property and today I remove that For Sale Sign and took it to Oistin’s Police Station and then to my Lawyer.

Apparently unknown to me the Estate Agent responsible for the For Sale Sign collapsed and died last week Friday, I take opportunity of condolence to his family, I am of the belief he knew not of the fraudulent activity connected to his For Sale Sign.

Barbados Police really have to prosecute persons for this kind of fraudulent activity advertising properties for sale knowing the individual or group has no genuine Property Title.

Since 2008 Barbados Attorney Generals have willfully failed responding to numerous written complaint regarding this property whereas a number of distinguish Civil Servants and Lawyers including the former Supreme Court Registrar and Crown Solicitor were all irrefutably with mountainous concrete documentary evidence involved in fraud.

Several attempts over the years were made to terminate Jerry Nurse instead by the offices of Attorney General, Chief Justice, Governor General and Solicitor General because what I exposed is an amazing Supreme Court Billion Dollars Property Fraud following Barbados (50 years) 1966 Independence from England and my inherited property is only the tip of a gigantic iceberg in organized Supreme Court Property Fraud.

ABC, BBC, CNN, FOX, SKY NEWS and all others has a duty exposing this where numerous nationals and non-nationals have been defaulted by millions and millions and numerous are today homeless awaiting JUSTICE.  Jerry Nurse (Facebook post)

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Trying to sell a house that’s not yours?”

  1. The way we see it , Did the people in the house seek a lawyer ? and if they did , did the lawyer advise them to sell what was ruled not to belong to them? Or was it just their nasty crooked ways alive and well in 2016. Now look at the police, Some working on the inside looking out for the crooks, The police was told not to charge fraud in dealing with cases like this or sales for to many lawyers and ministers will go to jail, It seem they want to leave level of crimes to be civil matters, Unless you have 3 dollars of pot , then you are charged,We have to look at the AG and the DPP along with your crooks ass Prime Minister,


  2. This man has been trying for years to get his inheritance from (again) crooked lawyers who is constantly flaunting the system and openly stealing clients money and property and not facing any jail time or censorship from the Bar Association. Ask Violet Beckles relatives how this go. This theft will continue until thieves in high places are prosecuted and face jail time, but then again, the DPP and the AG will not touch this.


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