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Barbadians Women: Death Walking on Two Legs

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is a warning to the wise men of Barbados.  Barbadian women are heading towards destruction.  The women are beyond polluted and yes I say polluted due to the fact that many Barbadian women are highly sexually active and boast many sexual partners throughout their lifetime & many of them are gravely in need of a womb detox.

She has become death on two legs and to the less inform she is mentality unstable.  She has gone from man to man and each experience has remove her sense of consciousness, morals and ability to truly love the opposite sex.

Comfort only appeals to this woman and who provides such she openly welcomes in her bed.  Everything about this woman is fake, nails, hair and make up to hide what “lies” underneath (death).

Unprotected sex with any of these women can be compared to Russian roulette and only if darkness turn to day many men would run away due to her destructive nature she secretly hides.  For this woman refuses to take accountability for her actions because she can do wrong.

The Bajan black woman is the “wheel”to the system and her rebelling has lead to her current situation where she is seen as a sex object by the degenerate men she entertains who reside within this society.

The forgotten generation is here.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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