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Hanjin Shipping filed for Bankruptcy!

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — There’s a Korean shipping line, Hanjin Shipping, that just declared bankruptcy yesterday (September 1, 2016).  They’ve accrued over $900 million in debt!  The crew is sitting in limbo.  Anyone dealing with logistics would know how MAJOR this is.

Hanjin controls a huge portion of the world’s ocean shipments.  Ports around the world are not letting these ships dock, or releasing goods.  They are literally sitting in the ocean or at port accruing debt for anyone involved!!  This means just about every business that imports into the US (or elsewhere) will be affected!

China seized the Hanjin ships to take control.  What is the US going to do?  We may see higher prices and shortages very soon everywhere because other ocean carriers are able to charge more for transport.  

Please take notice.   Naked Departure

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