Jamari Reid, Sham marriage got him killed

Jamari’s 56 Year Old Wife Charged with his Murder

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — JAMARI REID, 25, shot multiple times.  Don’t mess with people’s hearts and their money is the moral of this story!  A whore, like what Jamari was, should ALWAYS declare their whore card!

THE STORY:  The wife of Jamari Reid has been charged in the dancehall entertainer’s murder.

The accused has been identified as 56-year-old Monique Cooke Reid of an Ontario, Canada address. She has been charged with soliciting to commit murder.

Members of the Falmouth community were thrown in shock following the brutal killing of 25-year-old Reid, who was gunned down execution-style at his home on August 24.

Reports are that about 10:00 pm, two armed intruders pounced upon Reid’s home where he was with two other persons. The gunmen tied up the three occupants of the house then shot the entertainer several times before making good their escape.

Young boy married to old white woman!!!
Young boy married to old white woman!!!

Upon the arrival of the police, Reid’s bullet-riddled body was discovered with his hands and feet bound.

The up and coming artiste is known for singles such as My Place and My Wild Life. He was reportedly shooting a video for another release, M.O.N.E.Y, earlier in the week.  (Internet news)

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Jamari’s 56 Year Old Wife Charged with his Murder”

  1. Doesn’t look like a contract killing. Why tie up all 3 and leave 2 witnesses? Why are the shooters so confident? Why would she be in Jamaica at the same time?


  2. Listen before you dumb people speak some thing you know nothing of keep your mouths shut and fingers to yourselves, it is clear that she is trying to play it off as it she is an innocent soul, but she is a meticulous demon who end the life of my brother, don’t be fooled if he was abusive shd could have stayed in Canada where he could not reach her but yet she made it a point of her daily duties to make the man life a living hell, I have been praying about it, please let the man soul rest in peace And you all if you have nothing good to say, I’d really appreciate it if you shut up.


    1. Jamari, we love, respect and miss you more than strangers can imagine. Thank you for leaving us with your music. Not everyone is so creative and passionate that they can leave such a gift. You live in our hearts.


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