Ricardo Bryan - left

Ricardo Bryan shot in the head!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — RICARDO BRYAN — Forty-six-year-old Ricardo Bryan of Black Rock, St Michael is Barbados’ latest homicide victim.  Bryan was gunned down shortly before 8 p.m. in the car park of Lucky Horseshoe in Warrens.


Naked, he’s the big guy on the left in the photo.  Shots to the head and back and other places.  He was a very rich drug Lord from Black Rock for many years.  Some say he has a house in Florida.  Mercedes Benz taxi Z1159  next to his body is his.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Marcus Garvey when u came to Barbados that we should become worst that Jamaica in these times and we surely, people must always remember that all the evils of Colonialism and Slavery under the English started and expanded to the other english Caribbean Nations so as it’s Revelations times we are living in its the time for cleansing out the land.


  2. Prime minister please address the country,what going on ? Please come and tell us something give us some reassurance,peace a mind,I cant sleep at night it’s frightening thinking someone might come in to kill my family.once the prime minister would come and give ya some assurance that every thing is going to OK .somthing to calm ya down I remember David use to speak and know ya had that peace every day somebody getting shoot even in ya own house car in de galati ya isn’t safe The criminals taking over attorney general if de prime minister is not talking you should,I feel the prime minister got aspergers ya know why he don’t talk to us and he never make eye contact when he speaking to people if he speak ,someone was saying this morning that parliament on vacation for ten week ,and most de ministers vacationing ,ya .


  3. I think Lord Evil should be made Attorney General and minister of Home Affairs he seems to be able to get things done


  4. Just now some going to come in de paper and TV and say that crime is down which we all know is a lie…people get shoot daily just all dont get in de paper? But wait? How many people get kill since Lord Evil get out again?


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