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Kris Jackman (engaged to Semelka Bynoe)

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KRIS JACKMAN –Naked, this is the real COCO TIFFANY CARTIER,  NAKED Departure,  I writing this to clear my name that your viewership seem to know nuff bout me.  But first let me address Kris Jackman the head wine sommelier at SANDY LANE RESORT who engaged to Semelka Bynoe and live out  Western Light Church of the Nazaerne and he lives in Oxnards St James.

For too long  when I have had to air my grievences with men they use the Corey Springer playbook, COCO IS A LIAR, COCO MAKING UP THINGS, I CUTTING AND PASTING VOICES (THAT WAS DJ SCRAPPY EXCUSE), it’s always made to see COCO is a liar.  However, I am one of the most intelligent whores you can find on this planet.  I does make sure I have my T crossed and my I dotted when it comes to these men as the men nasty and no good.  I does bring facts and evidence, john public in Barbados can say what they like about me I am unbothered.

Addressing this current mela with Kris Jackman from  Sandy Lane I will send you video recording to show you and the public the evidence, things that can’t be doctored, phone recording between me and Kris Jackman and even how Kris and his band of holligans trying to smear my name and paint me as a liar.

Me and Kris Jackman have been having a sexual relationship and he is a nice person, however, I don’t tolerate my time being wasted and Kris pulled a stunt on me Friday night and that’s why I aired we dirty laundry.  He sent he attack dog Junior Roach who came at me on Instagram like a deranged lover protecting his man and accused me of being a con artist and lying on Kris Jackman and even threatened my life and tell me he going get the best lawyer for Kris to take me to court.  Well threats don’t budge me as I am a licenced firearm owner so who want to step can step and I would likeJunior Rroach and Kris Jackman to take me to court so not only the judge would see this for what it really is a down low man like Kris Jackman and his former lover having drama.  But in the voice of Beyonce I say to Junior Roach I AIN’T THINKING BOUT YOU, so Junior Roach can stay out man and woman business.

Kris enaged to Semelka Bynoe but that is just a front.  Last time we hooked up he was going to cricket and tell me he carrying a woman and what he wanted to do with her.  Can this be the conversation of a happily engaged man?  Ask how many Sandy Lane women Kris does front up he self to.  Naked, enough chat on Kris.  It’s time for my evidence.  Please post so de people of Barbados will stop smearing my name.  So what if Kris like Shemales or men it’s 2016 who gives a crap!

Personally I dont understand why Bajans act like married men dont go with men, or that masucline men can’t like another man.   I’m sorry that people only think gay people are feminine creatures of the underworld.

Naked this is part one of my evidence files for Kris Jackman.  Coco Tiffany Cartier

Naked Departure

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  1. I am sick of Coco and his pathetic attempts for attention. No one gives a flying f**k about you and your lies. Please do the people of Barbados a favour and make your way to the nearest branch of Carters or hardware store and buy yourself a bottle of gramoxone for consumption. We tired of you now!


  2. de only firearm licence COCO got is a STD LICENCE i sick of he and he stories wuh he did not have de gun when he did pun de ground like de gutter rat that he is


  3. coco, i would like to know who Senior Police Officer approved a permit for you to carry a license firearm. This only prove that you are a liar. People like you dont get fire arm licence.


  4. This coco shit is getting boring now…..seeing him crawling about on the ground naked like a gutter dog was the end of him on this site.


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