BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — X9340 — Dear Naked, this happened to Akira Carter after foreday.  Please put this white woman on blast.

The morning after foreday walking back to my vehicle which was three minutes away from where I was at the time, I felt a strong force hit me.  I was struck by a white female driver of X9340 who hit me,  a few others and a car.  She proceeded to drive off but witnesses stood in front her vehicle forcing her to somewhat come to a stop when she indicated she was not drunk.

The witnesses asked her to pull over and she made a convincing attempt to pull over before speeding off.  Dear white female driver of X9340, we have you on video.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “X9340”

  1. You have the video – what have you done with it. You people display so much ignorance. Instead of going to police to report incident you felt it more important to place this on naked
    I am getting bored with the shite i dont want to hear about ordinary people. I want the people running the country, the police who suppose to serve and to protect us expose with their wrong doings
    No more shite please


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