Young boy married to old white woman!!!

Jamari Reid’s 56-year-old wife

JAMAICA/CANADA (Naked Departure) — And there you go!!  Jamari Reid’s 56-year old wife, Monique Cook-Reid, is a white Canadian who most probably paid to have him killed, execution style!  No surprises there!  A match made in [h]eaven.

Marrying your enemy is no surprise — but a 25-year-old Jamaican boy marrying a 56-year-old woman is.  The question now is: how much did he take her for before she caught on and ‘ended’ it!?

At any point did Monique really think it was love?

Young boy married to old white woman!!!
Young boy married to old white woman!!!

That’s what you get!!!!!!  Naked Departure

Monique Cooke-Reid, lol.  Really Jamari?
Monique Cooke-Reid, lol. Really Jamari?

7 thoughts on “Jamari Reid’s 56-year-old wife”

  1. Well sorry about your nephew when you play with fire you will get burned as soon as these lil black boys get known by a handful of people and become YouTube popular black women are no longer relevant only to f get their fantasies fulfilled and move on not to be married and be somebody’s queen. ..I’m not famous and I’m older than him and I wouldn’t give that piece of white trash a second look he should have looked for someone his likeness


    1. True. I first saw old lonely white women with young locals in the Dominican and wondered why. I think growing up somewhat sheltered narrows perspective. Plus media glamourizes having things that money brings. On the contrary, Jamari’s video, Money, illustrates how shallow financial wealth is compared to home and community. I hope the drama connected to Jamari’s death prevents other young men (and women) from getting caught in similar circumstances.


    1. Calling my nephew a whore doesnt make me smile. What do you call a wealthy white woman psychologist who sets herself up in the islands with a poor, local family? Jamari was growing up, realizing his mistake…appears she couldn’t handle it.


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