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Politicians Laundering Money and Land

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BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — Denis Lowe and Denis Kellman are full crooks taking turns in laundering land and money.  The lawyers in the DLP and the BLP are doing the same for the last 30 years or more.  It’s just at a higher level and movement of an Estate that does not belong to none of them.  They are robbing the true owners for self gain.

No one edenis kellmanlected by fraud or other means give them any right nor law to take from the public.  They are crooks full stop.  The foreign banks are not giving loans to crooks and CLICO is part of the ongoing Massive Land Fraud in Barbados.

The Big Boys like COW and BIZZY get NHC land and the little people play with UDC land.  There is no land bank of land in Bim.  All land has an owner and the History of such was removed from the Barbados Library and the Archives.  The books at the Land Registry were re-written to suit the crimes.

Dig deeper and seek and you also will see the fraud.  Last owners recorded was 1913 , nothing more can be found.  We are the true owners and we have the information, also, the Barbados so-called Fraud Squad with Station Sgt Mark White who has been withholding evidence from the owners and the public.

The AG dumb-wit is also covering up with the Prime Minister Fumble.  We hope the Chinese do not get defrauded in their scams dealing with land and agreements.  The fraud is much larger than Cahill plasma energy plant.

There are so many crooks in the government that you cannot be wrong when you call any of their names.  Alex Mitchell

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Politicians Laundering Money and Land”

  1. They cant give what is not theirs like before, The bright light of truth is upon them, The true owners of most of Barbados is not white people or COW or Bizzy, None have title to the land and they use each other as owners and buyers to get to the tax and VAT money that Ministers control,The next they get a kick back from over charging the tax payers and pay them self a second time,There is no way at $200 to $250bds per week anyone can buy land and home in bim , That just cover child care if you have two children….Land rent with permission to built from the owners can work,The owners just want the land rent and not your home.
    With clear title a real non fraud bank may give a loan to build wall with the right agreement backed by the true owners,If you default on the loan the bank only have to pay the land rent and resell the house to another until the next owner take over,Any thing and most things are possible when the true owners told, The DBLP is not the owners of land in bim NONE of them , Most do not even own the land they build their homes on today,

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  2. These people wicked unfairing poor and stupid Barbadian .,those house was use in the last elections to get people to vote I was promised a house keys after elections .Up to now I have hear nothing
    I know it will get dangling in my face again but I voting for the man that born February 31 .You see we black people we like white people to bad and de thing them don’t like we .,These ministers take people money and selling Barbados out .these new crop of polytrickters is a bunch of get rich quick idiots them all about haveing yachts buying houses over sea and traveling very regular.Black man stop killing ya brothers he do you nothing it’s ya learned friend de one that we to school to learn to rob ya


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