Ricardo Bryan - left

VIDEO: Shooting Death of Ricardo Bryan

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO: OUTSIDE LUCKY HORSESHOE, Warrens, St. Michael — As you can see from the video below, several men waited for Ricardo Bryan and as he emerged in the parking lot of Lucky Horseshoe, he was executed.

He initially made a dash at the first shooter, but was gunned down.

Naked Departure

26 thoughts on “VIDEO: Shooting Death of Ricardo Bryan”

  1. Barbados full of nuff gun clowns and waste men all the killing them doing them int got a house most of them still live home ,you call them petty thugs all them want dumping in the sea real talk


  2. It was noted in another blog that the Mexican cartel (Cemex) now owns Arawak Cement (don’t know how true) and the guns are coming in in bags of cement and lord evil who used to work at Arawak is resopncible for the distribution of these guns to the foot soldiers. The goodly Judges and Magistrates are earning their pay.


  3. Command to Officers:
    We need 3 body bags.
    Even if them on the way to the police Station with Andrew Pilgrim, pull them over and shoot them

    These are not good for Barbados. Tax payers ought to be safer than this.


  4. Ahhhhhhh n’s doing what they do best an that is kill each other not knowing they all come from the same source an that is the creator such fools when will they wake up if they are capable of waking up anyways …..continue to kill each other sleeping gods and goddesses!!!


  5. If you take a closer look at the video you would see Ricky had just arrived in his car and the gun men were waiting in the carpark for him.


  6. Why everytime wunna like to mention lord evil the other day when the had up this man and Andre Hinds on naked wunna say lord evil soldiers really working little do wunna know Andre Hinds and lord evil is family wunna got a serious problem


  7. This is a state of emergency were is the minister ?This is bad management of this small country to much guns. God would have to tell me the police isn’t scared.We the nakedlites will will have to put our head together and come up with a solution to this problem how to tackle this .First we need to find how the GUNS are coming on the island .Early this last week a report was made about Ports of entry let look at this .Bridgetown port ,staff at the Bridgetown have been brought before court in the pass , that port would be difficult not impossible but difficult .Looking at Private ports Ports Charles and Ferdinand who is watching the watch man?some of these public officials are payed what they would make in a two year a day to turn a blind eye .The question what can be put in place to stop illegal activities at these ports. First I would put my solution is to fired the white man worshippers de hold cabinet.


  8. the police gotta stop encouraging these murderous gunmen to come in with a lawyer. When they do so they do not bring in the guns but stash them so that they can use them again after they get bail.


  9. F’g idiots. A bunch of simple minded n’s, killing each other and the Syrians, C.O. Williams and the white elites sitting back and owning more of Barbados. Stupid plantation minded monkeys with guns, not one of those n’s look like decent human beings Please kill wunna selves, DRUG LORDS, PLEASE! WHAT DRUG LORDS? WUNNA SIMPLE MINDED F’G MONKEYS COULD RUN ANY FORM OF A BUSINESS? N’S YA ALK ARE WORTHLESS F’G SLAVES, WORTHLESS. IT WUDDABE BETTER FOR SOCIETY IF WUNBA WUDDA BE KILKED AT BIRTH. PLEASE COBTINUE TO KILL WUNBA SELVES, WUNNA F’G ANIMALS


  10. looks like 4 shooters that means 4 guns there alone,who let them in the ports of Barbados? When the police pull them over , we will see whats next, Shoot out on the streets of bim


  11. You cant be a drug boss and walking around without your killers in Bim in these times. He up in horseshoe like he is a f’g tourist. He get catch lagging. This is why Lord evil, Cook food and Scottie and dem men does move 20 and 30 deep with their killers fully armed.


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