An aerial view of Bushy Park racing circuit yesterday. (Pictures by Clifton Henry.)

Mark Maloney and Racing Infringement

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked Departure.  I read your article on modern-day slavery and in particular the Bushy Park scenario.  I refused to participate in round 3 of the CMRC held today at BP….I have protested Mark Maloney for an infringement at Wallerfield Trinidad earlier….his penalty by the CMRA was to start at the back of the grid in his first race today…this he did not comply with!

I feel I’m getting the run around over my protest and I may have to look at the FIA to investigate.
I must tell you I had great times under BARL where I was able to sell my Reggae Racers shirts …now the last time I competed at BP there were a handful of spectators.  Gone are the hay days!!
I must add that as we say in Jamaica I get the feeling of backra massa (the white boss ruling tings)…’s not in my mack up to be like that and it is a bit of a turn off.  Trinidad and Guyana I so look forward to competing in!  Yours in motorsports.  Peter aka zoom zoom – Raeracing
Naked Departure

One thought on “Mark Maloney and Racing Infringement”

  1. This is getting to be so good. Mark Maloney is even flaunting the racing rules and not a man to stop him. The deadline has already passed for the demolition of the fence and the ticket booth at Bushy park and some other infractions and the Cummins is doing absolutely nothing about it. Who or what is he afraid of? To the driver that posted your name, I would advise you to keep watching your back because Maloney is gonna be coming after you just like he is out to get ND.


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