mother daughter dead

Mother died after seeing dead daughter?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this mother died after seeing her daughter collapsed and dead.  She went and lay down next to her and died with a heart attack.   This happened in Barbados.  Anonymous

Is this the Watts young lady who died after picking up her clothes off the line in St. George?  Can anyone confirm this story?   Naked Departure

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  1. the MMR vaccine didnt only started last year, this was about for a long time, i know a friend who got it back in 2002,,, and on further asking last night i was told by a nurse from the QEH that it made a good few ppl here in barbados sick, even staff members at the QEH got sick,, giving them high fevers, so the minister got to do some digging and get files on compare, and also ask some of the ppl who had it to come give some blood and see if the blood cells have change or see what chemical changes took place in the blood and tissue


  2. Mother is very much alive there are my neigbhour she was just there beside her daughter holding her hand the person that took that picture is so sick and want locking up


  3. i heard a guy say that the vaccine for the MMR is the cause,, he said look at the lady who was in the papper with her son who now can help him self, and other children who had this vaccine and then stop talking,, and fell ill that the parents aint come forward,,maybe they feel they would be targeted,, he also said if the goverment had to look at the ppl notes that they would see that all the sudden deaths from about 5 yrs ago or more have the same thing in common,, MMR vaccine,,, MR MINISTER something to think about,, now mothers dont send your daughters to get that CERVICAL vaccine ,,look at how many women in india became sick and died after getting it,, be aware


    1. The only start last year and the persons who get the mma vaccine is from 12 years now going into school this young Lady I hear isn’t in school so that mean she didnt get that mma vaccine so don’t say it is the cause of her death


  4. This is an open letter to the Minister of Health Mr John Boyce
    Sir it’s with sadness in my heart I address you ,
    Recently we seeing people with no previous know illnesses dying suddenly this weekend seeing our latest victims .Sir this frightening we have never see any thing like this before some of use has has gotten ourselves check those who can afford too. I myself went to my polyclinics in June to get my check up and got and appointment for December 8. Sir what in research have the ministry doing to find out what is obviously a mystery.In a country peoples are dying mysteriously to the to the inhabitants,the onus is on the ministry of health to come to the said inhabitants to alleviate these fears .Its coming across to the people that you are an uncaring Government,or is this so sir.
    As I have your attention sir the hospital, Sir our hospital is sick and the major arteries are not functioning when you do get to see a doctor prescribed medication can’t be had ,the pharmacy have turn away patients.Radiology department is functioning at zero a department specialist in diagnosing and treating disease and injuries should be functioning at its peak .cancer patients are left to die because they can’t afford to pay for therapy,laboratory haven’t have reagents ,commonly use lab equipment are needed, every day items the hospital don’t have short and rationing glove cotton wool alcohol,some morning we can’t give parents breakfast. sir I can go on,but I must draw to your attention patients care wards with up to thirty five patients are man with two nurses and sometimes one ,some patients can go with out meals you can have up to five patients on a ward who have to be tube feed and that is task taking .Sir we need solutions.polyclinic need to be open longer hours so working people that only have weekend off can see the doctor we need volunteers groups in the hospital to help in nursing staff shortages,with the money that would be have from the tax levy would not go in to Sombody pocket.
    Thank you sir. Sir you could stop reading here.

    You would believe a country celebrating 50 years independence and treating it people so?we gone from bad to worse both D and B .This government like a woman in a house ,she son bring home a white woman and she bring out she finest China she treating de outsiders betters then she children in this case the tourists ,she sister and she neighbors coming from over in away and she children sick she don’t have a doctor or nurse or medicine to take care of she children no garbage bags to carry out de garbage that got so much flies rats musketeers but she have to show off so she throwing a big party she can’t afford she gun all out even if it means she children suffering and dropping dead but she know she got to get some new trash cans fa de party , .she making de children pay to use de in side toilet cause she want expensive lights fa she celebration .This is a woman that don’t care about her children.


  5. stop lying that woman is very much alive y r u ppl calling death for the woman. Whoever it is that saying this needs help let the family grieve in peace. foolishness man


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