shadae watts

Sudden Death – Sada Watts

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DROPPING DEAD in Barbados.  Naked, a young girl is dead.  Sada Watts from Redland, St. George age 24 died this evening in her back yard after going to pick up her clothes.

Naked Departure

13 thoughts on “Sudden Death – Sada Watts”

  1. What does the Government have to do with people dropping down dead, why people always look to put blame on other people n government, people nowadays drinking, partying n eating like they don’t care, you got people mixing energy drinks with alcohol, people sitting down n laying down all day, only exercise they getting is their fingers back n forth on the phones, tablets n other electronic gadgets, years ago people use to walk n run work hardn get exercise, they don’t now, almost every household have a car or two, stop laying blame.


  2. C’s will say NCDs like all others. Many people will believe everything the Government say. Do some research on Operation Big Buzz and see that sometimes, conspiracy theories are actually fact.


  3. Government cover-up ,not to Caused Panic ! Have you’ll Bajans ever Seen anything Like this ,Go back from the time you’ll were Children ,Up to two years ago ,and tell me if this have ever happened in the History of Barbados, and a lot of these are young People also ,what eating bad What ! The Chief Medical Doctor is Covering for the Government ,the Other Doctor’s wouldn’t advised you ,because it’s a Money making affair for them also ,based on your fear ! I No its an Eradication Operation ! How Can a People Sit ! as Idol’s as it’s People Continues to be Eradicate and It’s Citizen’s remains dormant !


  4. Government would not care because these death stimulate the economy. The undertakers get work, the florists making the wreaths get work, taxi men, clothing stores, priests, choirs, grave diggers, the men who follow funerals to sell drinks from the back of their vehicle…all of these get work. Makes you wonder what the hell is really going on.


  5. AND !
    WHAT’S THE GOVERNMENT RESPONSE O N YET ANOTHER DROPPED DEAD BARBADIAN ! BAJANS ? Your turned can be today !Start asking the Government ?????????????


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