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As We Celebrate 50 Years of Independence….

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Lord, this little island of Barbados needs your help.  We are under siege by the enemy.  We have opened all the windows and doors with our sins and allowed the enemy free access to destroy everything that is dear to us as a people.  We claim to be firm craftsmen of our fate.  We cannot sit back and let this country be destroyed.  God said in His word the if we humble ourselves and pray, He will heal our land.  By humbling, we need to admit to ourselves that we need help and we cannot help ourselves.  Where are our true Christians and prayer warriors?  Let us stand boldly as a nation and call on God.  Some may say that it is happening everywhere, but we cannot be responsible for everywhere.  Let us stand strong and seek God earnestly for the future of our nation.  We sing the national anthem and declare that we are loyal to our country, and beam with pride that it belongs to us.  What are we doing to protect it?  We cannot fight the scourge physically.  The weapons of wàrfare are not canal, but we are mighty through God to pull down these spiritual strongholds that engulf this place.  We know what is going on, but we slumber and dream of the Barbados that used to be.  We close our eyes and ears and pretend that it is not happening.  Bajans cannot say that they don’t have faith, that God can take this island back for us.  Let a hurricane come àcross the Atlantic headed for Barbados and see how sure we are that God will save us.  The same God that stops the waves from crossing the shores each and every day, is just as concerned about the other dangers that are pervading this paradise.  Because it is not your daughter, or granddaughter in those videos that hit the internet, does not mean it has nothing to do with you.  Because it is not your cousin being executed with assault weapons for stuff that really is not about them, but just a byproduct of the real problem of corruption and greed.  Where is that pride that binds our hearts from coast to coast.  Are we not our brother’ s keeper anymore?  The devil will use anyone that allows him to steal kill and destroy.  Steal our peace, our joy.  Steal our youth, ànd the future of this country.  The leaders (not only political) have failed at least 2 generations.  When they look around and see no hope, nothing to focus on but survival, they do what ever seems plausible.  It comes down to survivàl.  We write our names on history’s page.  When the pages of history are written?  Are these the expectations great the we will be proud of?  The rampant pedophilia, and other sexual pervasion.  The corporate corruption that take advantage of the less fortunate, by those that are given power?  Please; It’s not only political, but when others see some getting away with their deeds, others try.  And while some building 5 story houses, others can’t eat, cant feed their children, and the more this goes on, the deeper and deeper the perversion is spread.  Seems like people in Barbados are numb because they see they hear and they believe that here is nothing they can do. You can’t , but God can.  I don’t have to mention specifics because we hear, and pretend that its not real.  I don’t have to mention specifics.  The specifics are just the manner that the demonic spirits choose to manifest themselves, and who allows their body and mind to be used by the devil.  The real issues are spiritual in nature.  We can earnestly call on almighty God to rescue us.  When God starts to move, every demon, every perverted spirit, every stronghold, will have to flee.  But we have to call on him, knowing that he is our only hope. Barbados can be a paradise again.  Many of us seem to think that if we wait for the next election, things will automatically return to normal.  Too many demonic spirits already pervade these streets, and made to feel comfortable in people’s minds and spirits.  We need a spiritual cleansing.

Very few will respond to this, because we don’t want others to know that we read this blog, but everyone knows that everyone reads it.  Calling church leaders, prayer warriors, serious Christians, to mobilize themselves and this nation to rescue what is left for the future generations, all is not lost.  We don’t have to keep going downhill.  Some physical reform would help also.  Make people, leaders, management, justice officials, be responsible for their behaviour and lack of it.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “As We Celebrate 50 Years of Independence….”

  1. ND I just wanted to thank your blog for producing such riveting articles on our story as I don’t do his-story. You have produced some articulate, captivating articles that follows a simple line of reasoning and is definitely not simplistic. Enjoyed a recent article on Slavery as it was well written, read it twice:)

    There is something for everyone in ND and regardless you have a lot of Barbadian male subscribers. Trust me on that. Some articles are just slanderous garbage pitted against the black men and aspiring entrepreneurs of Barbados by people with an axe to grind around success. It is not a one size shoe fits all. I do apologise for your experience ND but we are not all rapist, perverts, con men, hit men etc. Keep up the positive work the negative what can I say…… It’s a coin that is flipped, sometimes we get pro and sometimes con. Mostly con on ND and the reason I decided to reply was to plead to keep it Black with no dilution. We do read just don’t comment.

    To the writer of this post that highlights our neo-colonist structure through our 50th and requesting prayer warriors and the latter. Praying is an excuse to do nothing. We are extremely brain washed as a people through centuries of euro-centric conditioning based on Inhumane torture, even the picture for the article is commanding attention. White man fighting the devil…. we should all give thanks to our creator who ever we deem that entity to be. Is this the same caucus deity that was force fed to us through the most diabolical means possible? He/She assisted us in torturous slavery when we prayed for deliverance, then he assisted in the underground rail wood, the Emancipation Act, segregation, the still ongoing fight to be recognised as a human being, he assisted us in the civil rights era, the high level of discrimination and racism which we continue to feel in our own lands, is it the same force fed blue eyed supremacy that was brought to us by planters, overseers’ and drivers? Please keep us enthralled by developing the needed skill of empathy in relation to our fore fathers. How they came to be, how they came to worship, ask any priest to name one African deity it is voodoo.

    Please we need not prayers. We need a concentrated effort by our forces with unlimited resources to combat the criminal element not calluses on our knees from praising Massa. Fight fire with bigger fire not reasoning, amnesty, prayer and all that politically correct ideals. What will the pastors and Christians do? March? Protest? Picket? The Christian church is defunct and immorally corrupt and is only interested in the colour of your money. Advocate for direct responses as that prayer thing worst than passing a bill through the House of Lords. Re-right and re-program all that Eurocentric garbage thought to my forefathers, they were slaves and had to believe or be lynched.

    Religion and Politics two of our biggest Achilles heel. So allow me to disagree.


  2. Often times I’ve wondered about the causes that have brought Barbadians to this place, some times for the briefest of moments such rubbish as this writer presents cross my thoughts, but looking back I can always see Barbadians as stealthy dirty f ups. What is happening is that Barbadians are evolving from their quiet stealthy behavior to a more blatant one as that cloak of ” shame” is ripped away.
    The need to satisfy an even growing desire for material things which hitherto did not challenged us as we’re today.
    As a boy in the ’70s we didn’t let a grown man f us up the ass for some brand name item, hell no! Not that there were such things then.
    We were however, screwed by older women which we enjoyed as these women went about their lives looking as pious as any saint lol, You think pedophilia is an old man’s disease or now got started. Lots of us boys were broken in by older women, mind you, I thought I was a man even in high school.


  3. This is true. From the tiome these persons started dropping down dead I knew it was spiritual. Going back to the days of Ezekiel, I mentioned it to a supposed pastor and all she did was ignore the sentiment. I agree with this statemen whole heartedly. But are there true men and women of God left in this nation?


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