Barbadians’ Dirty Behavior is Evolving

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — STEALTHY CRIMINALS — Naked, often times I’ve wondered about the causes that have brought Barbadians to this place, sometimes for the briefest of moments such rubbish as this writer presents crossed my thoughts.  But, looking back, I can always see Barbadians as stealthy, dirty, fuck ups.  What is happening is that Barbadians are evolving from their quiet stealthy behavior to a more blatant one as that cloak of ”shame” is ripped away.

The need to satisfy an ever-growing desire for material things which hitherto did not challenged us as we’re today.

As a boy in the ’70’s, we didn’t let a grown man bull us for some brand name item.  Hell no!  Not that there were such things then.

We were, however, screwed by older women which we enjoyed as these women went about their lives looking as pious as any saint lol.  You think pedophilia is an old man’s disease or now got started.  Lots of us boys were broken in by older women, mind you, I thought I was a man even in high school.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Barbadians’ Dirty Behavior is Evolving”

  1. What could be worse than bulling? Nasty stinking man playing up in feces pray for yourself you nasty stinking bulling dog you read ND and it change your life f liar once a buller always a buller


  2. Love it that’s my kind of pedophilia very nostalgic boys…..Bttb my brother you had them days or you still young? ??!!!!!! Had many a time in Queens park no long talk just just somewhere to lean up a quickie an roll out


  3. Lord I remember my first licking exploit of MS….. @ St George Secondary School that married woman, who taught history. I love history to this day, because the two of us made history.


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