marsha cooke arrested in bim

Marsha Cooke: Jamaican Terrorized in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — MARSHA LEE COOKE, 30 years old, told a tale of abuse while in Barbados (hell) to celebrate her birthday.

As she details her abuse, the child sitting on her lap takes it all in.  The child will remember the negative side of Barbados.  You never hurt one person — you hurt everyone who loves and who is connected to that person.

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Marsha Cooke: Jamaican Terrorized in Barbados”

  1. Why they keep coming. All jamacians cant be miss myrie. White visitors dont get on so. White people fight on virgin atlantic and as soon as the plane landed in Barbados they were arrested went to court and was fined no fuss with those White visitors. A white canadian was arrested for drugs she took the punishment. Jamacians are denied entry in England every week but you dont see anything in the news.


  2. Bajans got to stop being so f’g racist yes white visitors dont get on like that at customs. When tbose white people fight on virgin atlantic they were arrested as soon as the plane laned in Barbados they went to court was charged and they paid the fine, the white canadian who was chargred with drugs and fined or will be imprisioned if these were jamacians you would hear alot of shite. How come it is always the poor uneducated ones that does get victimised. Wunna think thay miss myrie still got that money she got it NO she got it by deciet and lies. If a bajan was suing Jamacia than bajan would lose because Trinidians and Jamacians dont like Bajans. Look at how the bajans fishermen does be treat. Do you wunna research before wunna put up s. I rest my case


  3. That is what they charged her with? Defending herself against the abuse? This is a joke. This is the second time this has happened to a Jamaican, Bajan people need to deal with their insecurities when it comes to us, act professional with your hate or keep it to yourself. I hope she sues the customs officers for every penny they have.


  4. @ JUST ME i agree wid you if she had gone tuh de USA would she behave so? NO if she had gone to trinidad would she behave so? NO guh tuh f back tuh jamaica wunna to wicked yuh looking fuh money wait fuh um, and for the record white people doh behave so, yuh deny them entry and duh left but wuna jamaicans feel wunna got a right tuh come in people country and then claim lies yuh johnny


  5. @Just me
    Jamaicans? We are talking about a single person; just one individual.
    I hope your ass never get caught in a trap and you hear someone speaking in plural….


  6. Wunna is real c fah true, she looking for money to Jamacians are no longer welcome in parts of the world because of their behaviour. trinidad customs does deny them entry in trinidad and they dont f with trinidad bajans fooloish is c. it is bajans that pay miss myrie and her lawyers the ones who pay tax


  7. Barbados Immigration. Customs or Police Stations do not want security cameras installed throughout to expose their criminal activities


  8. The Government and the Immigration Department Can denied this One also !When the Airport Authorities start to treat White Visitor’s like this ,I Would then accept this Cruelty to Caribbean National as Normal behavior of our Racist Airport Immigration Officer’s,False Imprisonment of a Caribbean Sister ! That’s why their don’t want to allowed Cameras at the Airport.


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