Michael Carrington - THIEF of the House in Parliamant, stole almost $225,000 from his elderly client

Michael Carrington, himself a criminal, wants names called

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL CARRINGTON, speaker of the house.  Michael, everyone knows you to be a criminal and a sell out and they can start with YOU and call your name first!  You are a criminal all to yourself because you steal from your client(s)…, remember Michael?  You don’t need to align yourself with the ordinary criminals when you have suckers (clients) coming into your office!

John Griffiths robbed by Michael Carrington
John Griffiths robbed by Michael Carrington

Queen’s Counsel and Speaker of the House Michael Carrington owes John Griffiths almost a quarter-million dollars from an estate settlement which was stolen by Carrington.  Griffiths says that to date he has not received any money or documents as ordered by the High Court last month.  (Jan. 2015).  Carrington was waiting for the elderly Mr. Griffiths to die!

Remember that Michael?  But, if you can conveniently forget that you yourself are a criminal, we can see why you’d pretend you don’t know what’s happening in Barbados and why you’d need ordinary people to advise you as to what’s going on in the streets.

THE STORY via BarbadosToday:   Name politicians in bed with criminals – Carrington.  Speaker of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington is challenging members of the media who know of politicians dealing with criminals to “say so”.

Speaking yesterday at his St Michael West constituency branch meeting at Westbury Road, St Michael, Carrington took issue with a media report that appeared on the day that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler presented the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals.

In that story, former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons was quoted as warning Barbadian politicians of the dangers of getting into bed with criminals.

Sir David, who had earlier appeared on the radio talk show Down To Brass Tacks on Starcom Network, had said that throughout the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Jamaica, there was evidence which showed that political parties embraced gang leaders and drug lords, including politicians who involved those criminals in state-funded projects.

While Carrington refused to criticize the former Attorney General and retired Chief Justice, contending that Sir David must have known what he was talking about because of the various senior positions he held both in Government and the legal service, the ruling Democratic Labour Party parliamentarian claimed the coverage sent a message to the people of Barbados that the 30 members of Parliament who were speaking on the budget were dealing with criminals.

“That is the interpretation I gave it and I am sure that is the interpretation any right-thinking person would give it. I am saying you should not do it unless you have good evidence because you run the risk of making people lose faith in our systems and our rule of law. When we start to do that we are going down a slippery slope. If the persons responsible for putting that kind of story on the front page know which politicians are dealing with criminals, they should say so,” Carrington said.

Carrington, who had earlier complained that there were some people who were attacking every institution in the country, complained that the story was responsible for the absence of sizeable crowds during debates in the House of Assembly.

Director of the Urban Development Commission (UDC) Derek Alleyne, who also addressed yesterday’s meeting, charged there was a lack of discipline in every aspect of Barbadian life.

While complaining about the behaviour of drivers and motorcyclists on the roads, Alleyne also talked about a lack of discipline in the home and at schools.

“We are teaching our children foul and aggressive language that is repeated in the classroom. It is now normal to misbehave, it is now normal to use foul language before a teacher,” Alleyne said.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Carrington, himself a criminal, wants names called”

  1. Knowing Carrington as I do. I know he has slithered back under the slimy rocks where he reside away from reality. He has lose so much touch with reality that he seems not to comprehend what emits from his lying mouth. By the way, he is not the only who comes to the people and lie through the teeth.

    Mr. Griffith has been fighting this thief for so long without getting his money and documents that the Courts ruled that he must repay the gentleman his money, and Froon will not direct or help him to pay the man his rightful money. Froon even advised his colleague to get a lawyer way back then.

    Of course the sizable crowds has shrunk because the population is being made aware of the crooks in our dishonorable Parliament and not because of one story but many of the stories put together by people who are very much aware of the crooks ruling this Island who Froon cannot nor will not step away from and distance himself from their dirtiness. Which means he condones what is happening to us less fortunate that has to listen to his tirades.

    To Mr. Alleyne. The people in the schools and homes are mostly educated and has ears to hear and they know what is happening. They are also learning from politicians and the ZR culture. Speak about the guns and criminals raging war in Barbados and while you are at it try to get the House Speaker to side with you on these issues Mr. Alleyne.


  2. Michael Carriington is a disgrace, who has taken his high office to a new low. You are a crook Michael Carriington, a disgrace. I hope one day you get the justice you deserve.


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