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RIVAL GANGS: Scottie (Christ Church) vs Ellis (Lodge Road)

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — So Naked, let’s have a frank discussion on the recent developments in Christ Church in Barbados.   We all know about  Scottie from Cane Vale (Bangkhok) and  Ellis from Lodge Road.  As the map depicts, both gangs/groups/crews or whatever they prefer to go by, live really close to each other.


So Ellis opened up on Scottie’s guys the other night in Wotton ..BOOM BANG … AKs galore and people jumping over stalls and all.  It made the news and at first everyone thought it was Bangkok because there seems to be a celebrity fanfare about anything that happens in Christ Church to be related to this group.  Lodge road seems to be a bit more humble/laid back than Bangkhok which makes a show of turning up at events and doing things that would make great stories… ND you should hear these poor lost souls after

Ohhhhh de man land wid uh army

Ohhhhh de man ge way nuff weed

Ohhhhh de man buy from every bar

Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh and that time they mouth dry dry dry Ohhhh Ohhhh lol

but anyways that’s it, these 2 groups/gangs/crews or whatever can’t seem to get along and it has to do with power and “commerce”, if i can call it that. I think many were surprised to know that the Lodge Road guys had that type of artilery but  Wotton surely proved that and a few Bangkhok men barely get away by the thin of their skins… whew

Talk around the town is that both sides are gearing up for an eventful ending to the football tournament in Silver Sands this year.  Rumblings from inside sources on both ends give the indication that both crews, which are always heavily strapped at the footbal matches, will be looking to even out old odds soon.

Bangkhok has a team in the competition (Bangkhok) and so too does Lodge Road (Gaza). Gaza so far looks like the way better side on the pitch but the winning team has more to do with bullets and steel than it does with football.

ND I coming down from St. John and renting a room in a coconut tree to see the fireworks. Scottie VS Ellis, Gaza vs Bangkhok, Silver Sands Football Tournament … IT ONNNNN.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “RIVAL GANGS: Scottie (Christ Church) vs Ellis (Lodge Road)”

  1. the person who wrote this is an ass and knows nothing that is going just calling people name for a story this is how u would get an innocent person killed


  2. The person that put up this is a stinking dog. that night nobody from Bangkok was there, that person is a hater because Scottie is a man who would try to resolve things than shoot up the place with innocent people there, them in know Scottie he aint no hungry dog like who post this. everything that happen is the men from Bangkok and them dont be nowhere near where these things happen. This person looking to cause strife in between but I hope when they come down from “st.john” the cocnut tree that they planning to be in would get riddle with bullets for trying to cause a war in Christ church. i live in christ church, real near Wotton and Cane vale and this is the first time I hear about this. I know your problem Scottie reject you, you was scorned. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you mouth is who dry HATER


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