Pedophiles terrorize Barbadian children

Station Sgt. Alleyne didn’t Rape her, the 14 y/o ‘Gave’ Consent

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, why wanna don’t talk about how the same little girl used to spread she legs to every man that offer she piece of money?  Why wanna don’t talk about how the same little girl went with she mother man without the mother knowing?  Why wanna don’t talk about how the little girl mother pick up she things and went overseas without a soul to see after she child?  Why wanna don’t talk about the rape cases that she had with other men which, by the way, is only rape cause she underage not knowing that little child gave ‘consent’ to every man she had.  And why in hell they carry she to the hospital for?  To see the hymen that was broken before age 11?

Glenville Alleyne, Pedophile, Rapist, Member of Barbados Police
Glenville Alleyne, Accused Pedophile, Rapist, Member of Barbados Police

If wanna gonna say something, say the whole truth and not just half!

As for her mother, the wicked heffer, she’s going to get what’s for her!   Anonymous

Naked Departure:  A minor child cannot ‘give consent’ to an adult to commit a crime against his/her body.

20 thoughts on “Station Sgt. Alleyne didn’t Rape her, the 14 y/o ‘Gave’ Consent”

  1. Who ever you are you are a very, very, very, stupid person consent or not it is rape as long as she is under the age of sixteen.



  2. I think the writer of the letter is not old enough to be on the Internet or that’s what you would call a mental midget brain not fully developed yet I wouldn’t even get into specifics cause clearly the writer want a little bit of attention and probably 5 minutes of fame so there you have it carry on smartly now. ..Ps next time sign as idiot


  3. If all adult men that take it upon themselves to have sex with children under age could do like this guy and killed themselves the world would be a better place.


  4. The way things going, I will soon have to stop telling people I am from Barbados. Idiots supporting perverts. Perverts justifying sex with a minor. Do these men have female relatives? Are their daughters born big (16 and older)?

    A s— hole of an island.


  5. What everyone else said you c stupesssssssss if wunna men put the Lil girls in their place this couldn’t happen.. Kill wunna selves do.. #creeps..


  6. You are an ass!!! If she was as promiscuous as you are saying, then you and all the others should be in prison for taking advantage of a naiive and vulnerable child for that is just what she is, A CHILD!!

    That being said, Glenville Alleyne should know what he was doing was WRONG!! He was in a position of trust on so many levels. Another Policeman Don Pollard, 39 years old was just arrested for raping a 12 year old, and he too has kids of his own. I wish he could have taken the same route as this pervert! I sincerely hope that his soul rot in hell!!! Children should be allowed to live and enjoy their childhood.


  7. As for a man of the law Police Sergeant to beside he should have known better 14 year old cannot give consent .May his sorry ass soul rot in hell


  8. I swear by the blood that Jesus shed for me. If any of wanna men f around my lil girl child and don’t let her enjoy her childhood. I coming myself and mekking all de love wanna want to wanna, just dare me.


  9. What some of wanna shame to say is that these little girls want to hold men to ransom asking for drops then saying the men rape them. This is big business bout here and the main men and some mothers in pun this. We got some girl children that is full time whores tekking more man than a whore up bush hill. Some innocents gone long time for the up to date cell phone weave and clothes. Check the videos the post when visiting other friends.


    1. If you have that frame of mind then you should be join them I would use my hands till I die before I lay down with any underage girl i don’t care how good she look she is still a child some of these men thinking with the wrong head


  10. Are u an idiot .I am going to assume u related to this man and letting this smother your feelings. First thing what make it so right that she was doing since 11 and all these men including the mother man went come u had all this info and never said nothing. Persons like u I hope ain’t parents. I know the size of this man and he is huge and to make matters worse he has a daughter. Before u post another line on here think long and hard. If u still feel the same then commit the same act as ya friend


  11. Sounds too much like that writer had some of the same girl and is now defending his deceased friend the police sargeant.

    The girl is underage and cannot give consent to an adult and especially at the age of eleven as what is happening with many school girls.


  12. Writer you are so stupid,how much times must you be told ,
    A child can not give consent. let me explained to you and see if you can understand .A person that is under the age of sixteen that means if that child and I say child and not girl only boys too ,cause person like ya self interfering with boy too,
    As I was saying if that child boy or girl is 16’15’14’13’12’11’10’9’8’7’5’4’3’2’1’0′ you can not have sex with them I have to break down this for you , I believed you yes you all so was haveing sex with this child as you say every body was taking advantage of this poor baby .The time for the age of consent to change to eighteen.


  13. Shame on you writing such trash… you are an uneducated idiot… the men who have been molesting this child from before the age of 11 as suggested by yourself should be in prison.. how could grown men look to a child as a sexual object? The policeman should rot in hell…. you stupid, stupid person…


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