Sangene Broomes

Romario Broomes, Arrested

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROMARIO BROOMES — Naked, for the people who don’t remember and as you can see, not even the newspapers can tie these things in, but the young men held in relation for the killing of Andre Hinds are: Reico Jabarri Akeem Hunte, 24,  of Salmons; Romario Broomes, 18, of Checker Hall and Corey Edwards, 31, of Greenidges.  They are all St Lucy residents.

But what is interesting is Romario’s mother, Sangene Broomes, has about 100 children, well, maybe just 15.  She was recently in the newspaper begging for help.

These young men know what it is to be at rock bottom and they are at risk.  They have nothing to lose because they have nothing and never did have anything!  Poverty and low self worth in this place are serious issues and the ministers not helping!

While we getting poorer, the ministers getting richer and fatter.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


12 thoughts on “Romario Broomes, Arrested”

  1. It is time we stop pointing fingers and let these people taking responsibility for their own actions. I’m tired of having to pay taxes and all most of it go towards helping these people who don’t try to help themselves. Why not try to look for work or positive ways to improve their conditions and stop looking to people for handouts.
    The youngster is 18 years, he chose his path, instead of looking to pick up a rake and broom and help cut grass or shovel and stir concrete, he decide to join others in a life of crime and taking people’s things. If things were so bad and he wanted to make better for himself and family, why not try the positive way to make his condition better for himself and family.
    Also, why we have to keep helping these people who don’t help themselves and only cause more problems for the society. When we keep helping these people each time they ask for handouts they would never know how hard it is to work for what they really want. We will keep generating criminals and the harsh society Barbados is becoming.
    I know these people and this woman and her family never works BUT are pregnant each time I look around, the children are not finishing school with anything, just dropping out and doing what they see. When these people are dressed in the latest on the road and hair styles, you would not even know it is them. Don’t you think some of these people have their priorities wrong? Do you think these are people who need help?


  2. Ministers my ass. They are near 300,000 of us besides the ministers. What the hell can 20 people do for us that 1/4 million people can’t do for ourselves? How many churches and church members are there in St. Lucy? Please people stop using others as scapegoats for our own selfishness.


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  4. The Government Should be ashamed of it’s Self , having Poor Barbadians Families, living in this Manner ,While giving white People Million’s . The Governments don’t give Black People the Opportunity to make proper money to look after the families.


  5. Chaaa boy.. that house…so sad and unfortunate ..guess they are taking advantage of these young people poorness and using it against them to fulfill their need for riches….. Wickedness tho pure wickedness….


    1. Why they keep having children it is not like they can claim them or have other people claim them for taxes. They need to keep their legs close, most of those women create they own situations. The government is not responsible either, nor the churches they all need to kick rocks or walk on legos.


    2. One thing about people you all like to talk about people to bad and Don’t like to talk about you all family remember you got family. , people want we locked up or death nwo for life


  6. ” The lord int sleeping, they’re not the giver of life…’ Is this the same lord that stood by and watched as millions of blacks were placed on sailing boats are brought to these part? While women were raped and had babies cut from their bellies! Is this the same Lord that is gonna visit retribution on these stupid black bajan men? Give me Barabbas any day!
    I’m well aware of the mendicancy that is very much a part of Barbadians as is their skin color, nevertheless, as for asking the government to do something to arrest this problem of our young black men who have lost their way is not the same as a schmuck with a dozen children begging for a house.
    These fools, the government have just introduced a new tax to raise money to buy garbage trucks and hospital expenses even though these things are already paid for through our taxes and that vat shit. Why not set up a decent program to help these young black men.
    To you black bajan women,now that you have attained some degree of success; why not give back,help your brothers/sons, just don’t f— them and leave them stupid


  7. Ministers in Barbados government too busy taking bribes from the white businessmen like Maloney, Bizzy,COW, Bjerkham and white foreigners. Poor black people are only needed every 5 years for a Cheap vote.


  8. The Government?!? Look Barbadians need to start abiding by some sort of moral code and cease looking for principles and guidance from ‘Government’. Many others have.


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