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Drug Lord Escapes Bajan Police’s Custody

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MARLON SMITH — So Naked, the police held on to this Marlon Smith alias Brando the other night and the man just up and disappeared.  He was held/arrested in connection with the Ricardo Bryan death by execution.   He’s a big drug lord Naked, so it’s left to be seen how quickly he’ll be re-apprehended.  Police put up a bulletin but dem didnt tell the whole story.  But we all here questioning how he escaped in the first place.  More to come Naked…we got we ears to the ground!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Drug Lord Escapes Bajan Police’s Custody”

  1. WHAT !I’m reading on the back Page of the Sunday Sun ! Int adding Up to me ! HOW did the Accused Man !Escape Lawful Custody ! Is he dead or alive ! Have the POLICE Killed the Suspect ! We have to be careful !the Innocent don’t get burned and the Guilty Walk !


  2. Drug dealer, dirty police, bribes, escape from custody easy puzzle. Numerous police in Barbados are involved in the drugs business and would know this guy well and the drug dealer shot and killed in Warrens outside Lucky Horseshoe restaurant. Possibility this guy may already been smuggled out by boat to a nearby island like St Vincent.


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