Jason Gordon Talks Low Birth Rates in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JASON GORDON (of Trinidad) — Have black men no self-respect?  Here is another jackass quoting a dead pope from the vatican…the same vatican that believe blacks should be slaves from birth to death….the same vatican that condones there always be a ready supply of children available for their pedophile priests to rape, so the vatican can cover up those rapes and destruction of young lives.

No man wearing a dress who does not have a uterus should be telling females with uteruses what to do with theirs….this angers women to see in 2016 black men are still too STUPID to see what is directly in front of them…..women are in control of THEIR own bodies,..not government and certainly not some idiot priest/reverend in a church wearing a dress, particularly from the vatican.

bishop-gordon-trinidadianIf government would create programs to help the FEMALE from her 2nd trimester to the child’s 5th year of life, with the essentials for raising small children.,., then women would not find it too expensive and difficult to have children…it is very expensive and too many MEN run away from their responsibilities. ..whether married or not.

There is no international law saying women should breed so that governments can have a ready set of taxpayers, without help from government or the males involved.

You cannot raise children on thin air and irresponsible MEN.

Until the governments in Barbados get serious about their population growth…and get some help for these WOMEN….do not complain about the dwindling birthrates. ..ya lucky ya getting any births at all….given the track records of the MEN…educate your useless males.   Well, Well and Consequences

Naked Departure

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