Ministry of Pedophiles Prosecuting Concerned Parents?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE MINISTRY OF PEDOPHILES aka the Ministry of Education in Barbados sought for the arrest and is prosecuting concerned parents!  Parents who care enough about their children and who did not enroll them in the schools of pedophiles to attain an education tantamount to educational genocide were arrested?  And they are now out on bail?  And the pedophiles in the classrooms walk free?

“The couple had pleaded not guilty to the charge that on April 22, 2016, being the parents of a nine-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy they failed to register them at a school for full-time education. They are currently on $500 bail each.”

The process of entry into the secondary school system in Barbados creates a subtle form of mental illness in ALL participants.  And, after leaving school in Barbados, most of the 95% black community directly or indirectly go back to the white man and beg for jobs.  So this begs the question: why arrest and prosecute parents who are aware of the process and what it produces?  Aren’t there enough children in the schools for the pedophiles to rape and/or abuse?  Is there no religious freedom in Barbados?

Naked Departure would like the opportunity to speak more precisely on this very interesting matter and we would encourage a close family member to contact us for an interview.  We say ‘close family member’ because, obviously, the parents won’t speak to us because of the ongoing lawsuit.

Hopefully, the parents are teaching their children to read, write, and general mathematics, along with other real-life studies that they can apply in their daily lives (building/planting/family values).

We anxiously await your call.  Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Ministry of Pedophiles Prosecuting Concerned Parents?”

  1. In all my years I never see the ministry of sexual abuse prosecute even ONE paedophile, of which we ALL know there are many in the bajan public schools, but they can prosecute parents for ‘home-schooling’ their children. What a banana republic.


  2. THIS ,is is the Cancer ,I’m talking about ! Bring these Parent’s to COURT and Free Barabbas,that Raping! and Bulling our Children ! all over the Country , in every School on the Island ,the BIBLE Said in the Last day’s Good would appeared Evil and Evil appears Good ,PROPHECY at Work !


  3. The ministry of education should hired the mother she have done a good job teaching her children .The teachers is government school are not teaching our children,they are cursing and shouting and calling our children out of they names .Mr jones like our kids and stand up for them he want the best for them and the teachers can’t stand that so they don’t care who learned or don’t learned,last primary school results can attest to that.This school year we see a lot of industrial action.


  4. “Education” in Barbados is a joke leave the parents alone and go after the teacher predators in the schools and the Ministry. Bunch of JA


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