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My Fairfield Road Neighbor–the Sociopath

BARBADOS/NEW YORK CITY (Naked Departure) — Naked, the colors of a sociopath are aquamarine and gold.  This story of a sociopath began in Fairfield Road some seventy plus years, when this predator was born.  He is a man pretending his way into circumstances, for which he has no place, and very little penchant for the reality of his own truth.  He disrespected everyone in his family, with crimes of incest, raping and impregnating one of his sisters, and hovering like a “Great White Shark” around the other sister.  It would be the incestually raped sister who would be taken by kind neighbors to have an abortion.  But these acts against family would be the least acts of this vile and contemptuous personage of a so-called man.

He predated upon his sisters, his children and his wives.  He stole from his places of work, and even tried to steal from time.  But Mr. predator you forgot, that time has no enemies, and that memories run long, just like it was life’s marathon.  One sister raped and abused living in eternity, the next in social obscurity, you predator, you sociopath, I know you.

I have seen what you were capable of, I saw with a child’s eyes your vicious path.  And now you pretend since forty years plus have come to past, that you are decent, gentle and caring to those you have hurt the most.

Damn you neighbor, father, friend, rapist, thief, sociopath!  I am glad father time saved your sorry ass.  No membership in a lodge, no clean shaven appearance can save your sorry soul.   If we are to believe that what goes around comes around, I want to be the last person to turn out the lights, when you suffer like the dog, rapist, sociopath, wife beater, incest giver, thief and complete person of ill repute you are.

The eyes of a child are now the eyes of a man and I see you for the dirty scourge you are.  You have never done anything for anyone but yourself, and father time will certainly treat you accordingly.  I have your wicked secrets, passed on to me, by those who observed you through time.  Those your legacy of wickedness, like you the predator, now belong to the pantheons of history.

I know you, I see you, and all I am doing, is waiting to turn out the lights on this long chapter of your torturous, miserable life.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Real Face and name will be revealed shortly.)

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  1. This man still breathing? F his own sisters and walking aroung for seventy years? he probably f his daughters too? Reveal his name and address writer, reveal him, his lodge and his address, so we can see his face and know where he lives.


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