Breaking the Spirit of the Dominant (Black) Male

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — BUCK BREAKING — The reason (maybe) why so many black men are bi and/or homosexuals/misogynists/anti-family.  The reason why so many black men are lost!  This also occurred in the West Indies.  This also was honed at the slave port called Bridgetown and exported to other parts of the world.

There was no way in the world this dominant male could command the respect of his household after being sodomized for all to see.  His life was over!  So were the lives of everyone who witnessed his demise.


Brilliant, brilliant!!  To this day we still are witnesses to the handiwork of the masters!  Naked Departure



5 thoughts on “Breaking the Spirit of the Dominant (Black) Male”

  1. They claim it ended in 1865, but Lincoln come up with a law that states could have their own laws, and that the federal government can do nothing about it. I have no clue why Lincoln was a hero, he was a two mouth liar. Now we got trump might get in, because history is repeating itself. The reason trump is getting lots of votes, because the clintons rob and lie, look at Haiti for example. They let people open businesses in Haiti for profit, and hire Haitians on starve out wages. While the companies profit, just what happen to Barbados in the 60’s and 70’s. White companies come in , get tax free money, while hiring people for 2 or 3 dollars an hour.


    1. If it, the act, was performed by even ONE evil white slave master, it was too many.

      Mark Rosmar what number would you like? If the stats reveal a lower number would that make the act okay?


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