It’s a WHITE man’s world

THE WORLD (Naked Departure)  After thousands of years of enslaving Africans, the white man still sits comfortably at the top of the heap!  An apology not accompanied by the 40 acres and a large sum of money is not an apology!

The queen in England collects welfare but is bowed down to and worshiped.  All is done at and for her pleasure!  However, how dare a minority who is being raped by the system, ask for assistance?!

The black man, after hundreds of years of (historical) injustice, are filling the jails and being called criminals for doing just a fraction of what the white man did and are still doing.  How many languish in jails for what is now big business!  How many died for organizing rallies and bringing awareness?

In every sense of irony, it seems that if you are not put in jail for some reason or another, you haven’t, as a black and/or a minority person, tried hard enough to effect change.  Jail records, for future historians, will be the measuring stick which will define how bravely a minority race of people lived and fought.  Jails will be likened to wars and genocides.  Your internment will determine your legacy, much like it did for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ of Nazareth (to name a few).

Why have minorities not turned their backs on governments, the monarchy, the money system…?  Why is it you cannot see, cannot hear, do not understand…?  Why do you have to take that white BULLET for ‘them’ to call you a ‘hero’?

Do black lives matter?  Naked Departure

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