Kyrie McCarthy of License Authority

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KYRIE MCCARTHY — Naked, I hear everybody talking about this license authority thing and idk mines expired and I had to get it renew so I want to share my experience.

I saw a man post where the office was located so I went by the Massy in Oistins bare in mind I come from the north but I was in the area so I say let me get my card paid and updated the same time cause Licence Authority say the receipt isn’t proof that you paid.

Anyhow I got there and I asked a guard where to go he said walk straight down and go up the stairs you cant miss it, I said okay…it was a little after 9 a.m. when I bend the stairs.  I was greeted by two police officers and over 200 people there and the doors where open yet….it was so bad some people had chairs from home ….please note I’m 9 months pregnant…  My mouth drop.  I say well I pregnant so somebody might feel for me…  In about 10 minutes the doors open and people pushing to go in they didnt care boy everybody want to get in….  I join the queue to pay I all at the back and I could see the cashiers looking at me not a soul say come forward I was in that line standing for 1 hour and a half when I get the the top a man say you go ahead I say okay now that was the biggest mistake I made cause he must of known about this cashier ….

I vex now so I aint saying good morning she got a cell phone in she hand and flicking these long white and black braids back and forth like she wearing remi….   I put my liciense and my bank card on the counter and said I paying for a year.  The woman like she realize I vex and move the phone down by the keyboard so I cant see it and ask me how many years……I hot …tired …and ready to blow cause when I first came I told her that but MS KYRIE MCCARTHY as the receipt states didnt listen….or she type two things she back with the cell phone and I getting real annoyed… I ready to open my mouth….ort time for receipt to print it took forever so she phone back in she hand ….I say you see me I aint want to make it bad for myself cause I like I begging she for a favour she finally tear off the bottom and give me that was the poorest level of customer service ever…ort now phrase one completed and I on a short fuse I got to get the car updated and all 11 chairs full I stood in a corner and tubby the guard gin allow me to know I have to stand on the outside and wait …now that was it!

I ask he wait you see I 9 months pregnant how much standing you want to put me to do …WELL WELL I GIN GOT TO ASK SOMEBODY TO GIVE YOU A SEAT…..the guard had a chair that he wasnt sitting in too…anyhow he asked a young girl to get up.  I told her thank you.  I say wha 11 chairs this gin do fast.

Naked, ah lie ah 1 hour and half past and I still there sitting playing music and games on my phone then finally my name called I felt like I won the lotto or mega 6 …..  I am so sorry for those who have to go thru this.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Customer service reps have a duty to provide prompt and efficient service, the customer should always take precedence over personal calls and banter with other workmates etc.
    Having said that, poster, being pregnant does not mean that u get a free pass. Your behavior and attitude can be instrumental as to how others respond to u. Being vex shouldn’t stop u from speaking, especially to the person with whom u r conducting business, its tantamount to entering someone home without exchanging pleasantries. Did u even bother to say good morning to the persons u found waiting in line. Is this the kind of example u intend to set for ur unborn child? Did it even matter or occur to u that some would have been waiting for in excess of an hour before u came? U berated the security officer by calling him tubby, yet the same officer asked a favour for u so u be allowed to sit, yes a favour not an entitlement like u seem to think. Maybe if u had exhibited some manners the the people who u came and found would’ve felt more sympathetic towards u.


  2. Welcome to the licencing authority/BRA. That is the norm with all of those agencies and it will not get any better in the near future. Make yourself comfortable when doing business with those jokers.

    I am sure all those people could have seen that you were in an advanced state of pregnancy and not one of them would offer you a seat. Enjoy your baby.


      1. women towards women can be the most hateful thing specially their are in a position over others the pregnant woman would’ve done the same thing or worse.


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