Adriel Brathwaite, the non-crime-fighting Attorney General

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ADRIEL BRATHWAITE — Naked, Adriel Brathwaite gets the award for the greatest political loser.  Were there such an award, it goes to you, Attorney General of Barbados!

You are a feckless, worthless politician, and you may not even be a good man or good human being.  Let me tell you why.

You have remained silent during a period in Barbados’ history that required your attention.  Barbadian citizens have been under siege to violent crimes for years now, but your preoccupation with being a political nothingneer has massively contributed to an Island in decay.  Are you a parent Sir?  Are you blessed with the ability to care?  Both questions are rhetorical, because from your lack of action, a simple deduction can be inferred.

You blamed the parents, the Ministry of Education and you would have blamed god himself Mr. Brathwaite, but you never looked at yourself and your Ministry.  You are a coward Mr. Brathwaite and the worse kind of Barbadian — you lack empathy.

I am ashamed of you for the cowardly spectacle of a meeting held in Donville Inniss’ constituency, when you folded like a cheap prostitute on a “Red light district.”  You were presented with a golden opportunity: to tell the masses something, anything that would have given them an inkling into your plans to curtail criminal enterprise in Barbados.  Instead, you cowered like the disgrace of a man you are and did nothing.  History must judge you, befitting your mediocrity, your indifference and I hope that the troubles which now face many Barbadians as a result of criminal enterprise will not ever visit you nor your family.

I respect the office of the Attorney General, Mr. Brathwaite, but I do not respect you.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “Adriel Brathwaite, the non-crime-fighting Attorney General”

  1. Adriel Brathwaite is a “Dirt Bag.” These idiot people, are by far the worst scourges, that any society could have, period. They are comfortable saying whatever they want to say, because there will be no political repercussions The apathy of Barbadians has contributed to the mismanagement of the country by these idiots like Brathwaite, Innis, Stuart, Sinckler, and the other three misfit Lashleys. Barbados in deep trouble people, and only a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane can save wunna. Anything that is not sent by god to wash wunna away, and start from scratch will never save Barbados, and these devils that wunna elect to lead wunna. Ya see Barbados, soon wunna gine be the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Barbados needs a third party, get rid of the sick, lame and lazy.


  2. Whitehill that’s jus the point people in Barbados think only politicians or people who went to university have an inherent right to govern we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that way and it’s wrong no one man is an island ideas can and does come from everywhere not just politician or intellectuals and until we change that mindset we’d jus be spinning top in mud and a lot of great ideas and wonderful people who can make meaningful contributions will go by the wayside because they’re seen as nobody because they don’t have a handle to their name look around you and tell me out of that lot if you have to form a government which one of them you’d want in your cabinet but you you wouldn’t want two of them what a lousy bunch of losers they are from top to bottom


    1. I can see how my remarks regarding the college educated bajans could’ve been misconstrued, I was in no way implying that these folks alone have what it take to bring about positive change. I know of one person although he struggled through his years at a CUNY institution, after his first semester he felt empowered. So many Barbadians have been to Cave Hill, have they not been empowered similarly, Have they only been taught to graduate then get a job to buy an expensive SUV.
      I’m well aware when they were lots of Barbadian men who only earned a 7th standard education, but displayed an ability beyond their academic
      years. Matter of fact, many women were of this nature, still, they didn’t let their sons grow up to be schmucks nor their daughters.


  3. This entire cabinate should be shot buggered and poisoned in any order doesn’t matter imagine the attorney general could utter such nonsense at a time when the country needs or leaders to lead along comes a big c— of an attorney general and lay the blame on parents society and whoever else you’re probably right but that’s not what your job is your job is to calm people implement policies to stem the cycle of violence and guns coming into the country it’s bad enough that the sleeping giant is in hibernation in these really hot days but you’re the crime fighters boss or you didn’t know I am still in awe at the level our country has sunk to everything is just deteriorating roads drugs sex with children rape robbery gang violence education transportation I could go on and on but nobody seems to care I must tell the cabinet of Barbados nobody sent and called you for the job you’re not doing you volunteered why prolong the agony if you know you’re not up to the task give it up this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it you’re the worst government in the history of politics in this country and beyond you’re despicable all of you I think you could just do Barbados a favor and give up the posts you’re holding nobody can do worse than you lot everything you touch just crumbles and turn to dust I don’t believe in violence but I would like to hear someone….Anyway this is the new ND with restrictions so I’ll leave that one alone


  4. Adriel Brathwaite could not, would not have made such a statement were it not for the f—g gully monkeys who are his constituents. A few days ago another jackass speaking on the water shortage in Barbados asked the same gully monkeys if they think he makes the rain.
    With general election about two years away, this island should be a hot bed of meetings, groups of every sort plotting and planning to wrest power from these two parties. Of the thousands who would have gotten a higher education from that cave on the hill, aren’t there a few of you who are brave and bold enough.


  5. Adriel you have the right to remain silent any thing you say can be used against you in the court of public opinion.You have the right to speak to your advisers or have them present during any questioning.
    Sir if you give up these rights and speak out of your own head you run the risk of exposing the real Adriel Brathwaite.


  6. I don’t believe what I just read in today daily nation,if this is what our attorney general said? If he said this Barbados in big trouble.
    Attorney general please say nothing more you would expose ya tail and ya colleagues .Mr Brathwaite that why we need an Attorney general if we had a perfect world we would not need police ,people have s– get children that don’t make then perfect parents,some of us try our hardest and some children go wrong and some go right,some children have learning disabilities and mental disabilities so as some the world would have its lawless.LORD HAVE MERCY WE HAVE AN ASS FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL and by extension the entire cabinet .EDUCATION IS NOT COMMON SENSE.SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON.


  7. The only thing he has done with policing is to F— the Police woman and he has Christine Husbands, and her award was a Sergeant pick. Given a post for her extra efforts at laying the down law. This is all Adriel can say he do and keep doing. Worse AG we every had in Barbados.


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