Otis and Nikita Watson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — OTIS and NIKITA WATSON: old man with no morals and young girl with no sense.  Good Night Naked, my name is Jennifer Cadogan.  I am writing as a concerned citizen.

Naked, Otis Ophneil Watson tattoo artist in town is known for his wandering eye and behaviour.  He met Nikita Samantha Greaves at a young age and married her although he knew he has two younger children to take care of.

Now, I  am not against marriage, but when you have responsibilities and you married a young girl who always in and out of a jobs, want her nails done, one minute she in locks next minute in braids, don’t have any money, always travelling out the island… you wonder if these men really care about the well being of their family.

Otis got me pregnant.  I tried to warn Nikita of this instead she blocked me and switched jobs.  I told Nikita from the beginning that Otis is no good.  I even caught him messing with a petite young girl in his tattoo parlor (I have a short video clip but it would be too explicit for your page) then they started to take their PDA (public display of affection) even further until she stopped and pushed him off.  YES Naked, this so-called family man.

Now Naked, I posted this to let the old men who have children but marrying young girls with no sense of money skills to stop and observe yourself.  Change your ways and don’t mess up your children’s lives to please a young girl who is not mature enough to even mother your kids and teach them life values.

I know you may have found your match Otis, cause Nikita thinks she is the baddest b in town.  But let her know you having affairs without condoms and breeding people like me!

Otis is hard headed and thinks he is  man but I will put him in court for child support.  The child is soon a year and I cannot do it on my own any longer.  Deal with your business before you deal with the young girls Otis!  Set an example.  Jennifer Cadogan

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Otis and Nikita Watson”

  1. What I am saying is the truth. The truth cannot be hidden. Nikita will learn the hard way, in other news he will keep bringing women in apt1 glenburnie to f!

    I wish you a happy marriage nikita!


  2. Any fool can read this and know that the wife write this ,Why would she give her name and write such nonsense. If I was responsible for this blog I wouldn’t give such letters the time of day ,stay in the gotto and have it out ,you all behavior is like getto rats.nikita we are not fools .


  3. Jennifer Cadogan YOU ARE FULL C**t u know de man aint no good but you still open you legs, you should think before you write yuh idiot box


  4. So wait she slept with the man and now blaming the man and saying the wife immature? Well well these w have no consciounce at all.


    1. So why you got involved with him knowing that he is married. Or this was before? Either way seems that you knew the type of man he is.


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