Reaction to Push to Regulate Strip Clubs in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — STRIP CLUBS and REGULATIONS — Reaction to press article “Call to pull strip clubs into tax net”:

“The reporter from the Nation Newspaper contacted me a few days ago and informed that they were publishing an article about regulation, taxation, human trafficking and other issues related to Strip Clubs and other sectors of the adult industry of Barbados.

They wanted to get my opinions on these topics, which I unapologetically gave in the best interest of all sectors of the local adult industry and the relevant authorities.

Over the past 15 years, adult entertainment in Barbados has grown to industry proportions. In spite of the pressure from the conservative and hypocritical sectors of our society, this growth will continue exponentially from year to year.

Therefore, the implementation of regulations and policies within this industry is the only realistic, viable and sustainable solution to address and manage the following related concerns:

1) Human trafficking
2) Violation of the human rights of strippers and other adult industry professionals
3) Immigration issues related to foreign dancers
4) HIV, AIDS and other related health issues
5) Taxation
6) Increase in revenue to the economy
7) Boost in foreign currency
8) Impact on tourism
9 Increase in revenue for Stip Club owners
10 Improvements of standards within the Strip Club sector
11) Access to a global network of better dancers
12 Increase in foreign investment potential

Since the article titled “Call to pull strip clubs into tax net” came out in the Nation Newspaper on Sunday 12th Sept 2016, some Strip Club owners have already reached out to me and are clearly not happy that I have spoken out and shared my views publicly.

But little do they realise that the dialogue on this matter has already been started by government officials long time ago in closed door meetings, and the press will always publish the articles about this hot, taboo topic with or without my comments.

It is also my opinion that Strip Club owners are doing themselves a disservice by not speaking out and voicing their concerns and opinions.

They too are burying their heads in the sand as though the knowledge of their existence will magically disappear and one day they will be accepted by society.

There will come a time when the relevant authorities will give in the pressure by the conservative and hypocritical sectors of society, and implement policies which will go beyond the occasional raids on clubs, arrests and deportations carried out by joint Police and Immigration task force.

I firmly believe that all Strip Club owners have a duty to themselves and to their industry to speak out so that their views and concerns are considered when closed-door policy discussions are held by relevant authorities and stakeholders.”   Charlie Spice

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9 thoughts on “Reaction to Push to Regulate Strip Clubs in Barbados”

  1. @ J Wayne

    There is no strip club in Barbados that pays taxes. Provide the name of anyone of them that pays NIS/PAYE/VAT and income taxes. Definitely none of the ones that are run by the criminal deportees. The Barbados strip clubs are criminal enterprises in ALL their dealings aided by equally criminal police, immigration, customs and government officials.


    1. We can also say the same for rum shops, hairdressers , barbershops ,mechanics and plumbers do they pay any taxes ??? When Charlie spice had a strip club he should had sign up for taxes but he ain’t never paid a penny tax in Barbados his whole life . Now he’s on the sidelines he suddenly knows what’s right…..


      1. @ J Wayne

        You have contradicted an earlier comment when you say that strip clubs in Barbados pay tax like any bar however when asked to name one you back tracked. You are probably the owner of s strip club in Barbados and you are both a liar and a criminal.


  2. The problem with you Charles Lewis is that u don’t even own or operate a strip club in Barbados. You have imported girls on occasion to work for u as prostitutes and u are known to b— ,r–e and take away money from those girls. For that reason you have difficulties getting girls from abroad to come work for you so now u pose as an advocate for strippers and prostitutes.
    All strip clubs in Barbados pay taxes cause they operate under the same rules as any bar only thing going untaxed is the prostitution which is against the law.
    I am very surprised that Charles Lewis isn’t a regular feature on naked departure since he is a known com man and fraud who himself was a male prostitute in Europe to both men and women.


  3. @ Insider

    You are spot on in your post. Some of the foreign strippers are also beaten by several of the strip club owners in Barbados and passports taken away until they pay off expenses such as inflated airline travel ticket and bribes which the strip club owners pay for immigration to let them into the country for 6 months. in most cases the foreign strippers have to pay back $2000 to the owners in a month hence why passports are withheld by some owners. Lots of police go into the clubs many in uniform to solicit free sex from the strippers whilst offering them protection from deportation and lockup this includes some immigration and customs officers. The strippers come from improvished countries and poor poor backgrounds. In their home countries strippers make less than US$30 for s– in Barbados they charge around $300 for the hour. The Barbados strip clubs also have private rooms where they charge $50 to have s– for the hour.


  4. The real reasons Barbados strip club owners do not want their iillegal strip clubs higlighted in the Barbados Nation newspaper is that there are all involved in human traffickin, With mostly Jamaican and other foreign strippers in their strip clubs in Barbados dancing and prostituting themselves while breaking Barbados Immigration laws aiding by dirty immigration officers and police who are involved also in human trafficking of the stripper. The Barbados strip club owners past and present such as Clarence of Igconito, Stephen alias Bopper and alias Muscles of Rehab, Freddy Hill Promoter Reggae on the Hill and former club Rolex, Jersey Jersey former Club Ace of Diamonds along with the other strip club owners are major players in Barbados underground economy when it comes to drugs aided by many police as their accomplices. These guys pay no taxes on their strip club activities or drugs so they would be adverse to any suggestions of paying taxes, also because they are heavily involved in criminal activity which is known by the Barbados crooked Authorities and US Embassy. One very important point is that most of the strip clubs in Barbados are ran by US deportees who spent time in large amounts in US jails or abroad for drug dealing etc. The Barbados police know this and hence easy bribe money and joint criminal enterprise together. That is another reason the strip clubs does not like being highlighted in the Barbados newspaper for any reason but prefer to fly under the radar. So Charles ‘Spice’ Lewis that is why you would have been receiving calls from several of the Barbados strip club owners when the article appeared in the Nation newspaper about Barbados Government taxing the strip clubs and making them legal, the Barbados strip club owners do not like the word legal as they are daily engaged in illegal activities including drug dealing, prostitution, human trafficking, fraud, bribing of police and immigration which leads to a profitable untaxed businesses hiding under public scrutiny which the newspaper article brings.


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