Gay of Gays not Gay about Burglaries

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ALLAN WOODALL — A career criminal and serial sex offender is not happy about being serially burglarized.  Worse yet, he’s not getting any love from the Barbados police who are ignoring his cries for help.

Do released criminals lose all rights of protection by the police and from crime?  Should Woodall arm and protect himself, by all means necessary?  The story:

“The 65-year-old told the DAILY NATION that there have been several burglaries at his Gays, St Peter home in recent months in which computers, phones and phone accessories were stolen by a man who once lived with him. He claimed that he went to the police, he was met with hostility and stigmatisation due to his highly chequered past. “This is about four or five complaints I made that different people break in at my place. I showed them the people and they aren’t doing anything. I went to the police three or four times for him and all the police tell me is that I want to **** him,” Woodall said. He has spent almost two decades in jail. He was convicted of sex crimes as recently as 2008 when he was sentenced to ten years in prison for committing an act of serious indecency on a then 19-year-old boy. At that time, Justice Margaret Reifer deemed him “a sexual predator of the worst kind” and ordered him to spend the maximum sentence allowed under the law. “

Naked Departure (Photo Credit: Sandy Pitt)

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