Corey Marshall

Nice Girls Part of Prostitution Ring in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PROSTITUTION RING — Hi Naked, thank you for this forum.  I have a big story about a big prostitution ring in Barbados involving some big businessmen.

Naked, beautiful Barbados we come from the place where we born and grow, but some of the things that go on on this rock are so hard to believe.  I was sitting with a friend a very good friend Corey Marshall and he was telling me about one of his business ventures.  This venture consists of selling young girls to rich businessmen in Barbados and he receives a cut.

Some of the businessmen are the famous Lloyd Brathwaite, Ravi from Ms Ram and the very own MP Michael Lashley.  The thing is Naked, he even told me that some of these girl always are rumored to be unhealthy.  I will give you a list of these young ladies.  Mr Marshall personally showed me these young ladies either on his Instagram and his Facebook.

Thank you Naked for airing out the truth and many people in Barbados know that this story is all truth about this scumbag Corey Marshall.

We men always get a bad name but some of these women out here doing dirt.

Businessmen: Ravi Ms Ram son; Michael Lashley; The Guy the owns Glassesco; Fagan CRS construction; Richard Haynes south central Ent Baje international; Jason Zeddo.  He even told me about a few drug lords: Scottie and Dre.  Don’t know where they from but they give him money to help with fetes and supply them with girls; and Freddie Hill.

I swear that everything I tell you is true.  Bajans know this is truth too!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

NB: Because Barbados is a third-world country that does not allow freedom of speech and freedom of information, Naked Departure is the vehicle where Barbadians, for the most part, can air their grievances and blog anonymously. Although Naked Departure asks for truth in reporting, ALL information is iterated and posted as alleged from Barbadian/Bajan/Bloggers. NAKED DEPARTURE IS ALSO PART OF AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION OF THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD TITLES OF NOBILITY.

No Statute of Limitations on the TRUTH. Sexual abuse is self abuse! Being DOCILE is a crime; it’s an insult to the entire human experience!

BRIDGETOWN: During the time of slavery in Bridgetown, Barbados, it was the custom to torture a slave or slaves if there was a runaway. Most of the times a pregnant woman was chosen. She would be hung and then the unborn child would be ripped from her womb then crushed by the boots of the white man. All this was done in front of the other slaves to cause fear (NOW DOCILITY) and prevent more runaways (NOW LABOURERS). Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is real in Barbados. Naked Departure
Therefore, do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

48 thoughts on “Nice Girls Part of Prostitution Ring in Barbados”

  1. Wait I now seeing this about my neighbors from Westbury Road. I have a story about Lyndonna it gine shake Naked Departure and jump alot a people.


  2. Wait Lyndonna u and Rasheda still doing this from the time y’all leave school y’all was doing this s–t and u still with this go and get u v—-a check girl. U nasty is frig. And Rasheda is this the reason u get so small and look so bad cause that red fella u had look sick as f–k to.


  3. Lloyd love young girls… I wonder if any of these young ladies know there HIV status? I wonder if the men that they are dating have any idea what they have done or does be doing?


  4. Lloyd Braithwaite of Transtech really like young girls he was f***ing Soweta Hoyte when she attended Foundation School and she was only 15. Last time I heard Soweta was employed at Crane Hotel


  5. Lyndonna Lyndonna Lyndonna u may be able to fool ppl in Westbury Road but u ain’t fooling me,U Rasheda was picking fairs from the time wanna was moving with me I talked to u about that so many times, and stop trying to make people believe u innocent before I bawl ya to f out for things ya do in the past the truth will set u free ya whore.


  6. Now first of all y’all need to keep Lloyd Brawaite name out y’all f mouth cause I’ve known this man for f sometimes and everything here that’s said about him are pure lies he’s been nothing but a good man since I’ve known him quit trying to f stain this man character cause its not worth it what y’all getting from it? And where is he?? Mr CEO my baby#BOSS y’all are a bunch of low life assholes who I honestly feel for in many ways do y’all actually think anything y’all saying is affecting this man?? Well no it isn’t and like I said if these things were true about him I’d long time ago then probably had to experience these things with him all this man does is better me with words of wisdom and encouragement to become a better mother to my son he has never once disrespected me in no entire way and that I can swear my life on right here as I write on the behalf of this man so as for now on back the f off of him cause y’all mad cause maybe y’all wanted to sleep with him and take his money? Well he didn’t want or will never want y’all and that’s why y’all mad and trying to black mail him well its not gonna work cause I’m never gonna sit here and watch y’all try to tornish his name without saying what I must say I’m 24 years old and so what? What does age have to do with it??? Age is just a number now I’m sure all y’all gone have the worst to say about me for speaking about such a well respected business man in my sight cause y’all need to quit trying to get in his pockets and work for what the hell you want he’s not your bank!!, y’all find him when y’all wanna borrow money and never wanna repay him a red cent why don’t y’all mention that??? Cause I’m sure majority of y’all that criticising him can’t even go into the bank to get one single loan!!! Cause ya credit BAD so when y’all run to him looking for money and wanna throw ya self on him and he don’t want ya y’all try black mailing a man?? Petty grow the hell up go get some employment but here’s wassup just rememeber while y’all eating pizza he’s eating LOBSTER hahahaha silly little non educated fools y’all think y’all can stop him?? NEVER!!! Stop with this nonsense about this man right now!! Oh and did I forgot to mention did y’all even realize how well trans tech is doing?? While y’all all bitter in y’all feeling over my baby??? Hey get the hell outta here # we the best!! What do any one of y’all have to call your own but the clothes on y’all back?? Smfhhhh……,stop the gossip cause this man is nothing but a good man and so what if he likes young girls?? Doesn’t he have a life?? Like anyone at least he’s not GAY!!! Unlike most of y’all men I love my Lloyd don’t care what non y’all say and I will continue to at least one person had sum good to say about him so therefore there is still someone out here who is completely different from you guys who are manipulators and black mailers stop the crap!!! And get on with ya life cause ain’t nothing that’s stopping Mr unstoppable Mr.Brawaite and I love him don’t give a dam!!! Talk all the s about me now cause I’m wise enough to know different of what y’all here sitting talking about this man since I’ve known him not once have he sexually harassed me not once did he even touch me not once have he ever DISRESPECTED me so then I guess if he did disrespected y’all in anyway then you’ve DESERVERD it!!! And I’m glad like hell… fast stay in your lane stop being so fast!!!


  7. My god it finally happen the wife bring the police and put the husband out of the house this is the couple from pasture road bank hall olivett and tony downes .he cant even go bk at the house he has a restraining order to dont bk at all .its a sad ending .


  8. Well well well y’all ain’t easy but i did forever hate you….I glad this come out bout you though…the rest I knowwwww you issa a class whore…covering up the whore money with this lil fake company lol….Ppl she hiring the girls through the agency too hear lol


  9. U Lyndonna u always have something to talk about somebody and look at u now I f’g glad u get expose, U get and let your man treating me and my girls when u was the one interfering with us, now u see what happening to u go and bathe do Ya too Wicked.


  10. This story has more to it…they are more girls involved….I know shantel farlet n she is the one that had chl—— n gave it to get man lawrence….the girl lyndonna n leah I never see them with Corey I usta see Tammy Edwards with him late night meeting men at lucky horseshoe but I guess if y’all don’t like any of these girls y’all gonna talk bad….head up girl no one knows the struggle


      1. Listen….I feel you’re unemployed!…cause you most highly concerned….then aint using your v to do them selling so why you CARE


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