Prison Officers Need Answers Mr Attorney General

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PRISON OFFICERS — Naked, I would like the attorney general to answer these questions, that is, if he is paying attention to the prison:  WHY DOES AN APPOINTED OFFICER HAVE TO ACCUMULATE VACATION DAYS?  How can someone get 14.23  vacation days?  Who fights for prison officers rights?  Who gives permission for office staff to dip hands in people’s money without asking?   Why staff are not given receipts when they take money from salaries?  Why are Prison Officers working in the main office in the prison and not with inmates?  Why is there no canteen?  How all of a sudden the office staff can have such accurate information when they always have things messed up in there?  How can an officer work for 2 years without vacation?  When the truth comes out will the culprits be punished or will this too be swept under the carpet like the enquiry?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Prison Officers Need Answers Mr Attorney General”

  1. Who? Who? You asking them questions? You int see de attorney general like he got down syndrome.he get he pension and so as the rest of slime balls and just don’t give a foop .
    I was in six roads and I saw the attorney and I smile and said good evening sir ,man he stand up in looking at my ass and going ammmmm and breathing hard little did he know my Big ass was mock, jack ass don’t know a mock ass from a real one .all he interesting in is big ass woman and prisoners.


  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Brathwaite to address your questions and concerns. He is of the dolittle, careless administration who thinks mostly of the prisoners rather than the guards and who will not antagonize Mr. Nurse and jeopardize an important friendship.


    1. If the Attorney General is the idiot tgat i know he is rhen John Nurse will will continue doing shite well well only in Barbados


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