Who Killed Celine Kosi in Barbados?

BARBADOS/KENYA (Naked Departure) — CELINE KOSI — Hi Naked, I am Kerry from Kenya.  You wrote an article about Celine Kosi, a Kenyan murdered in Barbados.

Celine was my high school best friend back in 2003 and we had kept in touch even after she moved to Canada, she suddenly went silent and I thought it was because of settling in and stuff.

However a mutual friend this week sent me a link to the story your had done on her and I am totally heartbroken.  I am not able to reach her immediate family, however.  Do you know if there was any additional information found on her death?  Was the husband responsible?  Was he arrested.  I will appreciate if you can give me additional information, as I am really struggling to find closure.  Thanks in advance.   Kerry

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  1. THE Police ! Needs to Update us on this matter ! Officer’s of Naked Departure ! Please Update the Public on this File !


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